Beauty Blitz: Operation Beautiful

Last fall, I watched a presentation given by the founder and director of Operation Beautiful, which is a truly amazing campaign.

Caitlin, the founder, explained her mission to end the negative self talk that women so often place upon themselves. When you think about it, our lives are filled so frequently with negative thoughts about ourselves, such as – “I’m too fat,” “I wish I was taller,” “I wish my hair was straighter,” or, “I wish my legs were thinner”. We have all had these thoughts and put ourselves down a million times, vowing to change ourself in some way, shape, or form because it’s what we think we have to do to meet society’s expectations of beauty and what it means to be “pretty”.

It is rare that we come across women who are comfortable in their own skin. Caitlin shares her knowledge and experience of the power of being positive and how sharing that affirmation and positivity among strangers can empower them as well.

Operation Beautiful promotes random acts of kindness where you post a note somewhere public – for example a public women’s restroom – that contains a message as simple as “You’re beautiful,” or, “Smile!” in order to promote self confidence and overall happiness in women.

This is such a powerful movement that can really change the way someone sees themselves and the world around them. You never know what someone is experiencing or what they’re thinking – especially about themselves. It is also impossible to understand how hard people are on themselves for millions of reasons. Caitlin’s story and mission helped me to understand the constant pressures we all face – from celebrities, the media, and those around us – to be different than we are. These pressures often occupy so much of our minds that we forget to be simply happy with ourselves.

Never forget the power of positivity and how far a small compliment can go in enhancing someone else’s mind, life, and happiness.

operation beautiful


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