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I’ve definitely written about how much I love Tiny Prints before, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how great their business cards are.

Whether you’re in the midst of college or finding your way in the workplace, everyone needs business cards after a certain point of life. I got mine from Tiny Prints during my sophomore year so I had them for networking events and career fairs. I use them all the time and I have super cute ones from Tiny Prints that are simple enough to be professional, but whimsical enough to stand out.

Tiny Prints has business cards for everyone, which is totally awesome! Whether you want something totally simple or something that will stand out in a big way, they have a design you won’t be able to resist.

They also have really cute square ones like this one that are totally adorable:


Also, they have really awesome foldable ones if you’re looking for something different.

Since I’m still in college, my business cards include the following information:

My name

My school

My expected graduation date

My address

My contact info (phone number, email address)

My major/minor

Where’s your favorite place to get business cards from? What do you add to yours to make them stand out?



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