Words of the Week: The Present

Lately I am completely obsessed with the future yet feeling anchored by the past. Is that normal for a senior nearing graduation? I like to think it is, but at the same time, I sometimes feel as though I’m totally getting in my own head. Do you know what I mean?

I spend shuttle rides and walks to class obsessing over where I’ll work and end up living. In the moments before I fall asleep, I find myself recalling everything from the past four years here at school. I feel as though I am caught in between two very, very different worlds and completely undecided over which one I’d rather be in, so instead of choosing, I have one foot in each.

I am also someone who gets extremely anxious. About almost all things. When I was younger, I used to get very anxious and nervous about paying for things at a cash register by myself. I would always ask my mom or even younger sister to do it for me. While I’m over that anxiety (thankfully!), I have recently been facing much anxiety about the future. I spend phone conversations with my mom in a near panic – Will I ever get married? Where am I going to end up living? How many children will I have if I even have them at all?! – Thankfully, my mom always knows the right thing to say. But still, these anxieties have come to haunt me at times of change, like, well…right now.

I also feel a magnetic pull towards the past. I have a hard time letting go. I feel, again, caught between my yearn to move on and my irrepressible yearn to hold on with all my might, scared of forgetting the things that have happened to me, the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, the sights I’ve seen, and the places I’ve been.

With all of these desires, pulls, thoughts, and (sometimes) full-on battles I have going on within my own head, I find myself so often letting moments pass me by. All too frequently, I find myself missing out on what’s going on right now: the present.

This past weekend I saw this quote and it brought me to a full reflection of how I’ve been battling with myself over the past and future:

present moment

After reading this, I felt really…inspired. I realize that because of the way I am and who I am, I’m never going to stop planning for, wondering about, and dreaming of the future. I also know I will never fully be able to let go of things that have happened to me in the past. But, like I said, when I read this quote, I felt an irresistible pull to live more in the moment. It made me realize that if, in moments of past/future distress, I reassert my focus on what’s going on right now, I can not only allow myself to calm down but also enjoy life more.

Graduation is less than a month away, and these last days here at Quinnipiac are definitely going to be pretty special. Monumental, even. I want to look back at them and realize I enjoyed them, that I remember these last QU moments with my friends and sorority sisters, in my dorm, around Hamden, and at the library. I am thankful that this quote shall serve as a reminder to actively do so.


Words of the Week: In a Funk

These words of the week are a little different than usual. Usually I put up a quote that’s inspiring and motivational. Today, though, my words of the week are more of what I want rather than what I believe:


I have been in the weirdest funk this week. So lazy. So wanting to just…veg. But unable to because of the gigantic pull of all I have to do.

I woke up yesterday wanting so badly to just sleep and sleep and sleep. This is so unusual for me. But still, it’s what I wanted.

In this crazy time of life, I wish I could just have a day to settle down, cuddle up, and watch my favorite movies. Read a book. Nap. And nap. And nap some more. Pin a million pins on Pinterest and clear my always cluttered mind.

If only.

Words of the Week: Moments vs Things

A few weeks ago, my dad and I were talking about people we know that spend ridiculous amounts of money on totally unnecessary things. It turns out those people are all around us.
During our conversation we touched on the fact that having things, at the end of the day, does not make you happy. At least, it doesn’t make us happy. No matter how many Lilly Pulitzer accessories I have or no matter how many nice watches he has, it doesn’t truly fulfill us.
Instead, what remains at the true base (and top, bottom, middle, and means) of our happiness are the people we love an the memories we make and share with them.
Don’t get me wrong, I love things. I love shopping and having nice clothes and accessories. I love having books on my shelves and makeup in my purse. To be honest, I have more things than any one person probably ever should.
Despite my love for and abundance of things, though, they’re not what shape who I am nor do they make up my happiness. I’ve never gone to bed with a smile on my face because I got a new pair of shoes, but rather because I spent the whole day being silly with my sister. I’ve never felt uplifted from a new scarf like I have a hand written card from anyone I love. And I certainly have never laughed so hard I had tears running down my face from having a new iPod or purse or cardigan or new anything. Those moments of pure joy that inevitably turn into memories are the moments I spend with the people I love. The moments I’m giggling over anything and everything with my best friend. The holidays I spend with my family. The nights I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner just chatting with my mom. The car rides home from school I have with my dad. The sleepovers I have in my sisters room where we laugh into the night.

Those are the moments ill always remember. Because at the end of the day I can have a closet, a room, a house, or even a mansion filled with the very best things. But if I didn’t have those moments with my friends and family my life would not mean anything.

As Seen on Pinterest: Coffee, Coffee…Buzz, Buzz

I’ve posted about if before, but I can’t say it enough…I love, love, love coffee.

I don’t know how people don’t love it. It’s just the perfect start to each and every day.

I drink tons of coffee and it really doesn’t even keep me awake anymore. I could drink a cup right before bed and get to sleep just fine. Yup, I’m addicted.

I love iced coffee and hot coffee. I love coffee in the morning, at noon, and at night. I love coconut flavored coffee and even Dunkin’s new Butter Pecan flavor (surprisingly yummy!). I love coffee that’s fresh poured or coffee that’s microwaved at the end of the day (gross, but…whatever). I love coffee ice cream and I love it even more with chocolate chips mixed in. I love coffee in every way, shape, and form.

That being said, it’s only natural that my Pinterest boards are filled with coffee posts. Here are some of my favorites:

All things coffee:


how darling

how darling

every day...

every day…



A great idea:


I love this idea of filling your ice tray with extra coffee and then blending it later to make a homemade frap! Amazing!

What are your best coffee recipes/pins?

Words of the Week: Each Moment

Last week I was in Florida and felt so relaxed and as worry free as I could possibly be (and for me, that’s saying a lot). Usually I have so much stress and anxiety over silly things, but during my vacation I was able to sit back and actually enjoy what was going on around me, what I was doing and the people I was with.

I feel as though over the past year and a half I’ve spent so much of my time rushing around. Rushing to finish that paper. Rushing to be ahead of all the work I need to do. Rushing from her to there on errands around town when I’m home. Rushing to meetings and constantly rushing to please everyone and do everything. It is seldom that I sit back and enjoy the moment that I’m in and much more likely that I’m in a rush. 


My sister always makes fun of me when I rush before I leave the house. She says I get frantic running up and down the stairs because I forget everything. When I rush through life, it is kind of like that. Although I don’t seem constantly frantic and frazzled, I find myself forgetting to be appreciative of the moment I’m in. Forgetting to be happy and actively aware of how great that moment I’m in can be, because I’m way too busy thinking of what I’m going to do the next moment, and the one after that, and so on.

After having such a great vacation and truly realizing how important it is to value the moments and be present to them, I feel as though I need to prioritize doing that more often. I know I can’t change the way I live with a snap of my fingers, but I need to take more time to enjoy the little moments of my life and stop worrying about things ahead.

I can do this in so many ways, and so can you. Try to enjoy each moment by:

Disconnecting from the virtual world

Reading a good book

Spending time with a friend

Taking a walk (preferably on the beach)

Calling someone you love

Painting your nails

…the list goes on and on

Make this moment count before it gets away from you!

Words of the Week: Beach

I am so happy to be at the beach.

Lately there have been days where I have been kind of crazy and emotional, busy and out of touch with, well…myself.

Being at the beach, though, always makes me feel better and so at peace. It makes me feel relaxed and, all in all, it makes me feel like myself again.


This brings me to a happy place where I don’t worry, don’t rush, and don’t feel the need to constantly busy myself with work and projects.

Where are your favorite places to find peace and pure happiness?

Words of the Week: The Little Things

Lately I feel like time has been moving so quickly – it’s crazy! Before we know it, the school year will be over, which is a really scary thought. Every day is filled with tons of work and assignments and running around, and it leaves little time to sit down and really think about life and the things that it is filled with. Like…the things that matter.

I was thinking, though, the other day, about all the great people and things I have in my life. I have an amazing family and friends that feel like family. There are so many people that I know would do absolutely anything for me, and not everyone is lucky enough to have that in their life.

As I was thinking about this, I began to think about the little things that make me smile. Recently my boyfriend randomly surprised me with an Edible Arrangement and it made me so happy. Things that are seemingly insignificant to the world but that are important to me are the things that make everyday life better and make me happy.

A fun phone call with my mom and sister. A nice text from my dad. A silly tweet from my boyfriend or a laugh filled with giggles with friends.

Those things are small and simple, but probably the best things in my life because they are raw and real and…nice. Think about the nice things people have done for you that have lifted you up and made you feel special, important, and – most importantly – happy.

No day is filled with all happiness all the time. But it’s the little things that get us from one smile to the next.

little things