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Preppy Product: Lolo Mini Avery Cases

I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs, Chicago Prepster. I saw a super cute post about an adorable product from Country Club Prep.


The Lolo Mini Avery Cases are irresistible! And not only are they beyond cute, they look so durable and easy to carry around everywhere. They will probably last forever, which is a good thing – because who would ever want to part with them?

The simple style of them with the bright colors and big graphic is so awesome. They’re also really affordably priced. These would make great summer gifts with a few nail polishes inside of them!

Check out the full collection here.

How to Make Time for You

In the craziness of life, how often do you forget to make time for yourself? Admit it! You don’t set aside time to relax and enjoy nearly as much as you’d like.

I totally get it. I’m the same way. In between everything else going on, it’s sometimes tough to make “you” time. Perhaps it just falls low on the to-do list, coming after homework, workouts, meetings, and appointments. Or maybe you just simply forget. It’s understandable…but it’s not acceptable.

Neglecting to make time for yourself eventually catches up with you. You will become irritable, tired, and ultimately unhappy. No matter how busy you are, you need to occasionally take the time to do stuff for yourself – whatever it is, as long as it makes you happy.


Because I totally get that it’s so hard sometimes, here are the easiest ways to ensure you get some “you” time:

  1. Schedule it in – does it seem like your whole life is scheduled (over-scheduled, maybe)? That’s ok! Use your scheduling abilities to work in some you time. Set aside a block of time that is dedicated to doing what you want to do and stick to your schedule! You’ll be glad you did.
  2. Prioritize it – the only way to ensure that you spend time on yourself is to make it a priority. Make sure it happens! Let yourself know that taking care of yourself is important enough to you to make the time for it to happen. Say no to other things in order to facilitate this important aspect of life to ensure that you don’t get burnt out or end up feeling irritable and depressed.
  3. Commit to it – you may schedule in this time, but make sure to truly commit to it. Don’t eventually put it off, claiming you’re too busy. Make sure that no matter what, you stay committed to this special time you know that you need.
  4. Make it routine – perhaps you want to add in your “you” time at the same time every day. Each night, I read before I go to sleep. That is something that makes me happy, so I know that every day, regardless of anything else, I have that time. That doesn’t mean it’s the only “me” time I have ever, but it’s a routine time I have to enjoy myself, which is nice.
  5. Multi-task – Why not kill two birds with one stone? Knock things off your to-do list while enjoying yourself. Get a pedicure and read that article you need to catch up on for work. Use yoga as your workout so that you relax and get in your fitness for the day. If you’re really busy, this is a great option to stay relaxed and  get things done.

What are your favorite ways to make time for yourself? Do you prioritize it enough, or not as much as you should?

Paper Please: Nautical Notes

As you definitely know by now, I love stationery. It is one of my biggest obsessions and my collection is always growing.

I also love all things nautical. There are so many fun things that are great in nautical style – clothes, accessories, jewelry, and so on. Stationery is no exception!

There are so many cute cards, return address labels, and other stationery-type things  out there with a nautical theme and I love them all! Whether they have whales, anchors, starfish, or just fish on them, they’re definitely super cute!

Here are some of my current favorites:


Whale Folded Notes | Calypso Folded Notes | Return Address Stamp | Regatta Return Address Labels | Seahorse Notecards | Anchor Striped Cards | Anchors Pink

I love them in blue and white but also really girlie colors like pink too! Such a cute twist!

Preppy Product: Gym Motivation

I have really been needing more and more motivation to get to the gym lately. It’s actually kind of sad. The thing is that once I’m there I love being there and feel so great during and after my workout, but for some reason I’m so lazy about actually getting there.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about the gym when this is a product based blog post…I’m getting there!

So the motivation I need to go to the gym sometimes revolves around material things (sad, but…whatever). If I have cute workout clothes (monogrammed norts!) or something like that, I’m more excited to go. That’s where the product comes in…

I love these monogrammed water bottles! The Camelback ones are my favorite, as it is. They keep everything so nice and cold and are just relay sleek, clean, and convenient. And then, add a monogram, and they’re absolute perfection!



I love that Southern Sass Designs makes these because they’re so simple but so adorable that they actually bring joy to my life. Also, I love the option of having them made in your sorority letters! So cute!

And, guess what? I have an exclusive offer code that you can use to get them for a discount!

Use code PREPPYBLOG12 to get 10% off your purchase of $10 or more! The water bottles are on sale right now, so hurry up and get them and be motivated to stay hydrated and go to the gym! That is what I call a win-win-WIN!

As Seen on Pinterest: Feelin’ Knotty

The past week on Pinterest, and really since I started my account, I’ve pinned so many things regarding knots.

This sounds weird, I know.

But knots are really preppy and cute. They are simple and nautical and can be dressed up or down.

Check out some of my favorite knot finds from Pinterest:


Love knot earrings!:




How cute is this Knot hairstyle?! Need to learn how to do this!:



Love this  Nautical knot pattern! Would love one of these trays…a great home touch!:


This planter is so unique and cute…definitely a fun accent to a summer home’s yard:



Finally, this is a cute little knot quote:


Happy pinning!


Dream Home: Office

I have been on Pinterest so much lately (shocking…right?! ;)) and have been loving all the home offices I see on there. They all have their own personality to them – preppy, elegant, simplistic, and so on – but all of them are totally pristine and to die for!

I often times find myself coveting the homes or aspects of homes that I see and pin on Pinterest. All of them would fall under my category of a “dream home” that one day I hope to have!

With the future coming quicker and quicker, it’s definitely a mixture of totally exciting and also really scary to think about what my future homes will be like. Will I live in a town or a city? Will my house be made of grand stones or paneled wood? Where will I live?

No matter where I live, though, I am sure that I definitely want office space within my home. I love working and have a great passion for writing, and know I will need a space to think, work, and write.

Here is some inspiration for a future home office:

love the rug!

love the rug!


awesome way to use a narrow space

awesome way to use a narrow space


Which is your favorite? What would your personal home office look like?