Enjoyment Challenge

So my dad recently had a really great blog idea for me. The best part about it is that it can be seasonal, for holidays, or just because. It’s definitely a post that can be used over and over again and be done from so many different angels, which is awesome!

The whole idea is to share something that is really useful and enjoyable under certain circumstances. The twist is that there’s a price limit on this thing.

So let’s say that we’re talking about something that is really useful and enjoyable during the winter time. But, it can only be something that cost up to or less than $50. And the point is that you want to share something that gives you enjoyment the whole season long.

It’s really fun to think of something to fit this description, but it’s also a challenge. There are so many things that give enjoyment but don’t really last too long – like a delicious peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks or a good book to read by the fire.

After a lot of thinking, though, I finally discovered my wintertime item that gives me happiness that lasts all season long.

This is a super useful item, I use it every day – multiple times! This item is none other than my bathrobe!

A good old fuzzy bathrobe is a wintertime must for warmth and comfort. I got mine for Christmas and wearing it all the time – when I get out of the shower, just lounging around the house, when I get up in the morning, over my pajamas before I go to bed. It keeps me warm and cozy and is super comfortable, thus giving me lots of use and tons of enjoyment! This is definitely a wintertime essential that fits this enjoyment challenge.

So now, I challenge you – what item this winter is one that gives you long lasting enjoyment? I’d love to hear all about it!



Monday Getaway: Tropical Warmth

Since the weather has been so crazy lately, going from cold to warm-ish and then back to absolutely freezing, I have one wish this Monday.

To be somewhere warm. Who doesn’t wish for a tropical vaca in the midst of the winter?


Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 10.19.30 PM



Stay in a Summer State of Mind

As winter is definitely in full swing, I have so often caught myself dreaming of a warm, endless summer. I hate the cold and it has been absolutely freezing out. Also, I am so sick of wearing a coat everywhere I go! I won’t even take my dogs out without one, because if I do I end up shivering uncontrollably. Yuck.

Yup, I am definitely pining for the careless days by the pool, sun-filled days on the boat, and outfits consisting of colorful J.Crew chino shorts and Jack Rogers that summer is filled with.

Too bad we still have months left of winter.

But…there is some good news. As much as we want summer to come, we can add subtle pieces of the season to our daily lives right now instead of having to wait four long months for the summer to arrive.

Although these daily additions may not make up for the fact that it is 30 degrees outside and there is snow on the ground, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun. Here are my favorite ways to stay in a summer state of mind all year round:

  • Bake summer treats out of season – every once in a while, I will bake recipes that are clearly made for summertime. For instance, recently I made a pink lemonade cake for someone’s birthday, and it put me in such a summery state of mind! I think my next summery baked good I’ll make will be my banana pudding cake.
  • Adding a pop of color – any outfit can use a pop of color, no matter what season! Adding some bright color to your look isn’t only fashionable, but it’s also a great way to be think warm weather and sunshine. Add in a colored statement necklace or bright nail color for some extra flair. I love OPI’s Strawberry Margarita to keep it bright.
  • Dive into a tropical book – There are so many books on my shelf that center around summer and island life. Whenever I am feeling nostalgic for summer, it is a great time to pull one of those off the shelf and get reading. Find some of my favorite tropical reads here.
  • Break out your summery accessories – Is the winter proving to be a challenge? Break out your favorite summer accessories! From my Lilly Pulitzer sunnies to my Vineyard Vines and Francesca Joy totes, using those occasionally during the winter is the best way to be reminded of great summer memories.
  • Day dream about the sun – Like I said before, I’ve been dreaming so much of the summer, beach, warmth, and the sun. And my response to that is…so what?! I can and will day dream about it as much as I want because it makes me happy. Dream about your favorite summer days and with each passing day, get more and more excited for the season to arrive.

See…there are so many ways to keep the warm season on your mind and in your life rather than just in your heart!



Holiday Reflections

As the holiday season begins to wind down, I can’t help but be filled with a sense of sadness that once again, Christmas time is over. This time of year always has me thinking and reflecting on the season as a whole.

This year during Christmas, I felt so incredibly busy almost the entire time. Especially once I got home from school, everything passed so quickly.

Between running around for gifts and collecting recipes to bake and doing every other daily thing, the season passed me by entirely.

I didn’t watch Frosty the Snowman, I didn’t watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I only partially decorated our Christmas tree and I did not bake have of the recipes I had pinned throughout the year, vowing I would try over Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great Christmas. My parents got me so many amazing gifts and I loved being with my family. The day was so special, as it always is.

But I truly wouldn’t have been upset if there were zero gifts for me under the tree this year. As much as I love getting presents, it wouldn’t have mattered one little bit to me, and this is the first year I can truly say that without one ounce of hesitation.

Anyways, while reflecting on this particular holiday season, it’s gotten me thinking about the fact that maybe instead of rushing around every holiday season, it should be more of a time to slow down and enjoy family, friends, and the season in general. Isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to be about – taking time to be thankful and happy?

Next year, I am going to make a conscious effort to slow down and simply enjoy and appreciate, and I think everyone else should too.

the grinch

Comfy Sunday

It’s a snowy Sunday here in Connecticut, and that can only mean a lazy girl outfit!

Adding a monogram into a comfy outfit makes it even better, though.

Try pairing a monogrammed pocket tee with comfy, thick leggings for warmth and comfort.

If you have to leave the house (not preferred), put on Hunter rain boots and your winter coat to complete the look!

Don’t forget a scarf and mittens to combat the cold!


Snowy Night Movies

Since it’s a snowy night here in Connecticut, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch with a glass of champagne and watch movies.

There are so many great movies on Netflix available to stream instantly that it’s silly to waste money on an On Demand movie or leave the house for a Red Box rental.

Here are some of my favorites available for instant streaming:

  1. Morning Glory – this is such a great movie that I enjoyed from start to finish. First of all, it has Rachel McAdams in it. Second of all, it’s a great and unconventional story! This is one that anyone would love, not just chicks, which is another great aspect to it.
  2. A Little Bit of Heaven – we all know how I feel about Kate Hudson movies, and this one is no exception. This film is a lot different than her others, but still very good. Be warned though – it is sad! I shed more than a few tears during it, but nonetheless it’s a great story.
  3. The Disney Movies – am I the only one really happy that all of the classic Disney movies are finally being added to Netflix streaming? Didn’t think so. There are so many great ones on there like Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, and The Fox & the Hound that are family friendly and will be sure to bring back great memories.
  4. Everybody’s Fine – I watched this movie a few months ago before it was added to Netflix instant streaming, and it is so incredibly good! This is another film that both guys and girls will enjoy but it is also one that has a bit of a sad undertone to it.
  5. Wish Upon a Star – looking for a blast from your past?! How about this Disney Channel Original movie? Take a look at Katherine Hiegl before she became super famous and pop some popcorn for this corny but totally lovable chick flick.

Below are some more of my favorites, because I just couldn’t resist! Take advantage of the snow and enjoy a relaxing night at home with some awesome flicks.


chick flicks

date nightfamily night

Books on My Shelf: Beachy Reads

As winter is in full swing, complete with snow, ice, and frosty air, it is definitely time to read some books that put us in a summer state of mind.

I have always been drawn to books that are set in the summer, take place in a tropical location, or are written about a beach. I am just such a summer person and it definitely shows through my book preferences.

Here are some of my favorite books that all have a summery feel:

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 12.17.08 AM


au pairs




The best part about some of these books – for instance the Susan Wiggs one, Au Pairs, and Barefoot – is that they are either part of a series or the authors have written many, many books with similar feels that you can continue to read after you fall in love with the first one.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do and that they take the edge off the cold!