A Shameful Obsession

Okay, so one of my most shameful obsessions is The Bachelor.

It all started this past summer when I began watching The Bachelorette. There was something about Emily Maynard that I just really liked – despite how every other second the tabloids were calling her fake, a bad mom, and every other horrible thing under the sun. I became so obsessed with her journey to find love.

Once the season was over, I found myself so hooked on the show itself. Even though in my mind I know it’s crazy, half-fake, and even a little bit trashy at times – I can’t get enough of it.

Last week when the new season of the Bachelor began, I was so excited. Then, the fact that the bachelor is Sean from Emily’s season made me even more excited (if possible).  I wasn’t home when it was one but DVR’d it and watched every moment of the two-hour episode, on the edge of my seat, totally enthralled.

After I finished the episode, for a moment I thought about how sick it is that we not only watch people date on television, but become so obsessed with the intimate detail of someone else’s life. I mean, I wouldn’t want someone watching me date a guy on TV, let alone fall in love and face the difficult yet inevitable trials and questions that form around new relationships.

However, I just can’t stop watching this show. I get way too obsessed with it (almost as obsessed as I got with Degrassi back in 2011…). But, like many of the women I work with at work declared about shamelessly watching the series, we just can’t help it.

Maybe it’s because it has to do with love or because it features a totally cute Texas native. For whatever reason, this show is on my list every week and I will probably never miss an episode.