Words of the Week: Hidden Secrets

I am so obsessed with Roald Dahl quotes lately. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and can’t resist pinning almost every single one. There is just something about how lovely they are that really draws me in. He is obviously such a talented writer and wrote some of my favorite childhood books like The Witches (Also one of my least favorites, James and the Giant Peach. But that’s a whole different story).

Anyways, I thought this quote was totally amazing:

I mean, how true is it?! It’s totally true. And so elegantly put.

This quote serves reminder to me to always look for beauty and wonder in even the ugliest of places. Additionally, it tells me that even in the worst situations, there could be good found in them some way and some how. Finally, it is the perfect reminder that there are secrets and discoveries to made everywhere you look, not just the really obvious places. You may be totally convinced that you will find the passion that you are looking for one place, but then may come to find that what you are really looking for is where you would never expect to look for it.

This quote is a great reminder to look at everything with wonder no matter how small and seemingly boring it might be on the outside.



Words of the Week: Happiness

Over the past semester and especially over this break, I have been thinking a lot about the “self-inventory” I must do on myself in order to assess what I want to be doing and where I most want to be for the rest of my life.

My professors last semester consistently talked about finding what makes you happy – what town to live in, what people to surround yourself with, what job to go to every day – and made it clear that unless you find those things, you will not reach your full happiness potential.

At first, I was so unsure of what would make me happiest. It seemed so overwhelming to be thinking about all those things right then and there. I had and have no idea where I want to live the rest of my life or what exact job I want to go to every day. I am definitely a planner, but having to choose all those things with my future happiness impending seemed so, well, scary – much like many other aspects of senior year.

But also like being a college senior, so many aspects of making these decisions are also exciting. I think this is particularly exciting to me because I love the idea that I get to choose what I will be doing and where I will be. I, above anyone else, have the power to make myself happy.

Understanding the fact that I have that ability is probably the most important step towards that happiness for me. For so long, I felt so wrapped up in the need to make everyone else happy that I forgot my personal happiness was the most important thing of all. Once I worked towards pleasing myself instead of solely others, everything else seemed to fall into place.

I thought that this Audrey Hepburn quote was a great way to sum up how I feel in making these choices or even thinking about them:


The more I think about the decisions that I will eventually have to make for myself, the more I realize that there are so many different paths I could take that would all make me happy. When I think about that, though, it also makes me realize that no matter what choices I make, I will always ensure that I am filled with joy and always enjoying the ride of life.

Words of the Week: Looking Forward

So much has happened over the last year and I so often get caught up in the past that I forget to be excited for the future. So often I think about the things that cause me worry and anxiety rather than the things that I should be looking forward to.

While being a senior in college is definitely a time of uncertainty and sometimes a great deal of anxiety, it is also a time to look ahead.

Many people talk about college being the best time of your life…but to be honest, those people are kind of immature (especially the adults that say that). Sure, college is so awesome and such a great time to meet new people, do new things, and have a lot…sometimes too much…fun.

However, it would be depressing to think that this really is the best time of your life and that afterwards, that’s it…the “best” time of your life is over. I don’t think so.

Think of all of the amazing things to come after college. A new job. New places. New freedoms…and that’s just to name a few. Sure, being a college graduate will be hard and sometimes scary, challenging and often times intimidating. However, you have to take that step to get too all of the great things life has in store for you in the next phase of life.

I am very excited for all of the great things to come in the future, whether they be near or far. Of course there will be days of doubt, times of trouble, and I’m sure many, many tears, but it’s all a part of the journey and getting to these things that I can’t help but look forward to.

Words of the Week: Worrying Less

This week’s words are some that I definitely need to work on not only listening to better but applying them to my own life. There are so many times where I senselessly worry…about a million different things.

I have always been a worrier, since I was a child. I used to worry about the craziest things when I was little and I think I worry about even crazier things now.

Just yesterday I was complaining to my dad on the phone how concerned I am over the possibility of it snowing this week. I’ve been checking weather.com obsessively..and for what?! Why does it even matter to me? And whether I worry about it or not, the weather will do what it wants.

All worrying does is cause anxiety and angst. Obsessing over things that you cannot change does not make you feel better and it will not change the outcome.

So why take away from your happiness and allow your mind to stress?

Although it’s something I struggle with, I’m working on letting go of my worries and simply letting things happen. Regardless of which way things go, everything always works out, and in moments of doubt and concern I find it helpful to remember that.

With that said, it is important to enjoy your life and let this quote inspire you to let go of the things you’re mind has been uselessly obsessing over.


Words of the Week: Sunshine

After the events of Hurricane Sandy, I thought this was the perfect quote for this week.

It is one of my favorites because it is simply impossible to have all good days. Some days are just going to be bad by nature. Maybe you’ll forget things, do poorly on a test, get in a fight with someone you love, or encounter unkindness. Maybe large-scale things will go wrong in your life or maybe the unexpected will happen.

Whatever it is, though, it is important to create your own sunshine. Even on the worst of days, you still have it better than someone else. And even on the worst of days, there is always something to smile about, laugh about, and be thankful for.

The past few days, with the hurricane going on, there was literally no sunshine. It was a time of uncertainty and fear, but being able to have my sister with me made it so much better and actually fun. Although we were stuck in my dorm, we still laughed and had a lot of fun, and realized that we have it so much better than so many of those that have been left without a home or power.

Creating your own sunshine is something that is challenging – for everyone. There are always days you don’t have the energy, motive, or yearn to make your own happiness and fun. However, happiness is a daily choice that at time takes effort but it never ceases to be worth it.

Make your own sunshine today! Smile, laugh, and never forget to be thankful!