Dream Home: Office

I have been on Pinterest so much lately (shocking…right?! ;)) and have been loving all the home offices I see on there. They all have their own personality to them – preppy, elegant, simplistic, and so on – but all of them are totally pristine and to die for!

I often times find myself coveting the homes or aspects of homes that I see and pin on Pinterest. All of them would fall under my category of a “dream home” that one day I hope to have!

With the future coming quicker and quicker, it’s definitely a mixture of totally exciting and also really scary to think about what my future homes will be like. Will I live in a town or a city? Will my house be made of grand stones or paneled wood? Where will I live?

No matter where I live, though, I am sure that I definitely want office space within my home. I love working and have a great passion for writing, and know I will need a space to think, work, and write.

Here is some inspiration for a future home office:

love the rug!

love the rug!


awesome way to use a narrow space

awesome way to use a narrow space


Which is your favorite? What would your personal home office look like?