Netflix Picks

In case you didn’t know, I’m such a Netflix junkie. Sorry, not sorry…I love to lay in bed and watch episode after episode of television shows blissfully unaware of the world around me. I mean, come on…we’re all guilty of it sometimes! What in the world did we do without Netflix?!

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Anyways, I have some current favorites on Netflix…without a doubt! There are tons of great shows and movies on there, but there are some that I could and do watch over and over and over again. Here are some of them…I highly recommend them all!:

Not-so-guilty pleasure: Pretty Little Liars – I am obsessed with it! I love watching old episodes even though I’ve seen them all. As silly as it is, it keeps me on edge because the scandals and drama are that intense.

Oldie but goodie: Pretty in Pink – this was recently added to Netflix and I have always loved this movie. Such an 80’s classic!

Something dramatic: Private Practice – I just started watching this on Netflix in the spring and don’t know why it took me so long to start. This show is seriously good and if I had a dime for how many times it’s brought me to tears…let’s just say that I could buy some serious stuff.

Dose of reality: NYC Prep – This is the show that way back when started my love affair with Bravo, and I couldn’t be happier it’s been added to Netflix.

Laugh out loud: Orange is the New Black – this is the first NF series that I’ve watched and it’s so funny so far and totally unique. Definitely worth a try. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it initially, but I really do – it really appeals to a broad range of audiences.

What are your NF faves?


Snowy Night Movies

Since it’s a snowy night here in Connecticut, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch with a glass of champagne and watch movies.

There are so many great movies on Netflix available to stream instantly that it’s silly to waste money on an On Demand movie or leave the house for a Red Box rental.

Here are some of my favorites available for instant streaming:

  1. Morning Glory – this is such a great movie that I enjoyed from start to finish. First of all, it has Rachel McAdams in it. Second of all, it’s a great and unconventional story! This is one that anyone would love, not just chicks, which is another great aspect to it.
  2. A Little Bit of Heaven – we all know how I feel about Kate Hudson movies, and this one is no exception. This film is a lot different than her others, but still very good. Be warned though – it is sad! I shed more than a few tears during it, but nonetheless it’s a great story.
  3. The Disney Movies – am I the only one really happy that all of the classic Disney movies are finally being added to Netflix streaming? Didn’t think so. There are so many great ones on there like Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, and The Fox & the Hound that are family friendly and will be sure to bring back great memories.
  4. Everybody’s Fine – I watched this movie a few months ago before it was added to Netflix instant streaming, and it is so incredibly good! This is another film that both guys and girls will enjoy but it is also one that has a bit of a sad undertone to it.
  5. Wish Upon a Star – looking for a blast from your past?! How about this Disney Channel Original movie? Take a look at Katherine Hiegl before she became super famous and pop some popcorn for this corny but totally lovable chick flick.

Below are some more of my favorites, because I just couldn’t resist! Take advantage of the snow and enjoy a relaxing night at home with some awesome flicks.


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The Heart of Christmas Movie

I love Christmas and mostly everything about it.  The decorations, the gift giving, the music, and of course all the Christmas movies and specials.

The other night in the midst of completing my papers and projects for finals, I put on a random Christmas movie that I found on Netflix Watch Instantly under “Holiday Favorites”.

The movie was called The Heart of Christmas and it was such an amazing movie!

I will say that the acting wasn’t the best…it got a little corny at times…but the message and story of the movie was so touching. Without giving too much away, it was about and little boy who had Leukemia and wanted one last Christmas, so his friends and family decided to give it to him in October! Also, this is based on the real story of Daxe Locke.

I will warn you, however, that this movie is super sad as much as it is good, as I’m sure you could have guessed. Meaning that I cried when I watched it. Hysterically. But in a good way!

If you’re looking for a new Christmas movie to watch this season besides all of the regulars I highly recommend this one! It is a sad but amazing story with an even better message to be aware of during the holidays.


Shows to Stream on a Rainy Day

Since it looks like we’re going to be stuck inside for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy, I thought it would be a great time to suggest my favorite TV shows to stream on Netflix. There are so many available, from Barney to a show called Unusual Buildings. I love watching shows on Netflix because there are no commercials! Of course there are all the really popular shows on there, like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Pretty Little Liars that I watch. 

But there are a bunch of other, less popular ones that are also great! Here are some of my favorites that I highly recommend for the rainy days ahead:

  1. Hidden Palms: Although this show only ran for one season, I really enjoyed watching it and all it’s scandal and highly recommend it if you’re a GG or OTH fan!
  2. My So Called Life: This was a popular show a while ago that my mom told me about. It includes witty story lines about teen angst and although it is a little dated, it is still pretty fun to watch.
  3. Dawson’s Creek: Since this is my favorite show ever I was thrilled when it was put onto Netflix instant streaming. This show is dramatic and has a complex, ever-changing story line centered around a small-town group of friends. A WB classic, I highly recommend it to all girls.
  4. Giuliana and Bill: This is a highly underrated shows that currently airs on the style network. G&B are an awesome couple that is so fun to watch and there is a really emotional aspect to the show, too. They clearly love each other and that’s what makes it such an addicting flick.
  5. Hannah Montana: Okay, so maybe I’m a little childish with this one, but I can’t help it! I’ve always been a big Hannah fan. Watching this Disney hit is so mindless, easy, and fun that it’s a great pick-me-up when the clouds are overhead (metaphorically and literally!).

Also, might I add that Netflix has a great collection of old Nickelodeon shows? Talk about a blast from the past! Check out Hey Arnold! and Rugrats to reminisce on your childhood years.

Hope everyone has a relaxing couple of days and watches lots of TV!