DIY: Lilly Collage Phone Background

So I recently got an iPhone 5 because the lock button on my iPhone 4 mysteriously stopped working (annoying!) and I happened to have an upgrade. Being that I have a new phone, I went for new wallpapers, cases, and so on…which is actually pretty fun.

As I was searching Pinterest for a really cute background (something Lilly, of course) I stumbled upon a cool collage with Lilly prints on the sides and a monogram in the middle.

So, I wanted to make my own. It was super easy! Here’s how I did it:

I already had my monogram made on my computer (I have a bunch of them), but you can use this tutorial to make an awesome one in word.

I set my monogram in a scalloped border and saved it as an image. Then, I emailed it to myself.

Next, I saved a bunch of Lilly print pictures on my phone (found them on Pinterest). I just picked my faves.

Then I used the ProCollage app (it’s free!) to make the actual collage. I used the template and put the Lilly patterns around the sides and the monogram in the middle. So simple!

Here’s how it turned out:


Cute, right? I can’t wait to make more!!


Paper, Please!: Hot off the Press

If you don’t already love Lifeguard Press, you will after reading this post.

LP is a great site for stationery and an even better site for gifts. Gifts that I call “Odds and Ends” gifts. Like…when you’re not sure what to get someone. Or…when you have a gift but want to add a little something more.

They carry great brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler. The stuff is all super cute. What else could you ask for?

Here are some of my favorite LP pieces right now:


Lilly Planner | Lilly Notecard Set | Jonathan Adler Notecard Set | Susan Wallace Barnes Note Cube | Dylan’s Candy Bar Eraser

What are your favorites?

In Case of an Emergency: Car Kit

When you’re zipping around town (or wherever) in your car, you never know what could happen. You could break down, the weather could change, the day could be longer than expected…who knows!?

That’s why you definitely need to pack an emergency car kit to keep with you at all times. You don’t need to have a ton in there, just a few essential things to keep yourself safe in the case of an emergency.

A great way to store these emergency items is in one of these Lilly Pulitzer storage bins. Cute and useful!

Here’s what to include in your kit:

car kit

An umbrella – you never know when the weather will change. Even if it’s not raining when you head out, the skies could open. I feel as though lately I’ve been getting caught in the rain again and again…and it is not fun. For that reason, I think it’s important to have an umbrella in your car at all times. That way, even if it rains unexpectedly, you’re covered.

A box of granola bars – you never know when you’ll get held up somewhere, whether it be because you’re stuck in traffic or some other reason. In order to avoid serious hunger, keep a snack in your kit. A box of simple granola bars will do for something quick and on the go. Make sure not to pick something that will spoil or melt.

Napkins – I don’t know how anyone’s car has no napkins in it! Whether you use them for blowing your nose or cleaning up a spill – they’re a must.

A sweatshirt or extra jacket – just incase your car ever breaks down in the cold, you never want to put yourself in a situation where you’ll get dangerously cold. Keep an old sweatshirt in your car just incase you ever need to warm up, for any reason.

A car phone charger – you never know when your phone will go dead! You don’t want to be without any way of contacting your family and friends in the case of an emergency, so be sure to have a car charger.

Extra cash – you never know when you might need emergency cash, so keep a reasonable (but not large) amount in your kit. Somewhere around $40 is probably a safe amount.

What emergency items do you keep in your car that you’ve found most useful?

Be a Project Superstar

Since finals are here, I know so many of us are working on projects. I know I am! I am pretty weird and actually like working on them (most of the time..) especially because it lets me be creative. I definitely enjoy going above and beyond normal project requirements and doing extra work to make my project stand out. There are several ways to do this, and surprisingly they’re super easy. You don’t need to go too overboard to show your teacher or professor that you are a hard worker and dedicated to the class.
Check out my best tips to making your project stand out from the rest:
1. Hand it in early – remember that professors have to grade all of our projects, in a really short time frame when it comes to finals. If you can, hand it in before the actual due date! Not only does this take so much stress off of your shoulders, but it also shows your professor that you were organized and motivated to get yours done! Finally, they will appreciate the extra grading time.
2. Proofread! – be sure to proofread your entire project. Then, proofread it again a few hours later or even the next day to catch any left over mistakes. Just doing this will show your professor you took the time and care to make sure that your project was as perfect as can be! This seems so simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this (because they’re in a rush or being lazy!) and end up with many, many errors that make their work look sloppy.
3. Meet with your professor about the project – towards the beginning of working on your project, meet with your professor about it during his or her office hours. Go to the meeting prepared with questions and ideas to pitch. This will help you feel out how on track your ideas are, generate more ideas for the overall assingment, and show your professor that you care. Most professors love meeting with students for this reason (and many others) and it also gives you a personal connection with him or her than can be very useful in the long run!
4. Add personality – without breaking the “rules” or guidelines of the assignment, add your own sense of flair or style to your project – in any way you can! This is just something that will make it stick out in your professor’s mind. Even if it is something as simple as a creative cover page, it’s bound to be something that shows your professor you took that little extra time. It can go a long way.
5. Include extras – Especially on prjects that have an element of creativity to them, add supplements and extras to show just how into it you got. You don’t have to go super crazy, but just adding one or two will show a lot of committment on your part!
Projects can seem like a daunting task, but by no means do they have to be! Work on it with excitement and creativity and get into it as much as you can! You might even end up enjoying yourself.

Happy May!

Rabbit rabbit! Happy May!

It’s May and with that comes so many exciting things. It is also a time of a lot of change (and in a way, anxiety) for me. But, I am also looking forward to so many thing in this awesome month. Here is what I’m most excited for:


  1. Graduation! – so bittersweet, but definitely something to be celebrated!
  2. Being home – love my home, my family, the people that being home means I get to be with, and the memories made here. So, so excited for this!
  3. Summer apparel – goodbye jackets, scarves, and moccasins…hello Lilly, Jacks, and seer sucker!
  4. Enjoying the season – beautiful weather, beautiful flower, time on the boat under the sun…a tan on my skin. What’s not to love?
  5. Memorial Day – a great holiday filled with barbecues, American Flag baked goods (made by me!), friends, family, lots of fun, and all things America. In a word: perfect.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let’s make it a great one!

Preppy Product: Sweet Sunnies

The weather is finally getting nicer and it’s definitely time to break out your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Last week my mom and I were shopping and I got a super cute pair of Kate Spade New York ones. Here they are (I’m on the right!):


I love them! I think they’re totally cute.

There are so many sunglasses out there that are flat out adorable. Check out some of my current faves:


Casey by Coach | Cat Eye Sunglasses | Lilly Pulitzer Allie | Monogram Sunnies | Beth Sunglasses | Art Deco Cat Eye Sunglasses

These are a must have summer accessory! Where do your favorite pair of sunnies come from?

Beauty Blitz: Weekend Look

This weekend I’m so looking forward to celebrating, having fun, and of course…looking cute while doing it!

I put together what I consider to be the perfect look for this weekend:

weekend look

Cassie Dress | Jack Rogers Navajo | JPK Bucket Bag | Flower Drop Earrings | Oversized Sunglasses | Strawberry Macaroon Eyeshadow | Field of Flowers Peony Blossom | Pearl Mint Shimmer Tint | Falsies Mascara

A cute, light and simple dress (maybe throw in a cardigan or jean jacket if it’s cold!), light jewelry, an easy to carry yet adorable bag, stylish and comfy shoes, and very simple makeup.

Since it’s during the day, I think the simple makeup is pretty key! Light eyeshadow and mascara (nothing too glittery, more matte), some faint lip gloss (don’t forget chapstick underneath for moisture!) and, of course, a delightfully daytime perfume. Remember this look has to last all day, so you don’t want to do anything crazy that is going to start out looking good but fade and change as the day goes on, making it look..well, a mess.