A Studly Obsession

I love studded earrings and have always gravitated towards them more than hanging and dangling earrings for some reason, and certainly more than hoops. There is just something so clean natured and adorable about them that I can’t resist!

They also look great with almost any outfit and can be found in little and big sizes, all different shapes and styles, and definitely can make a statement without being too out there. They are, all around, an awesome accessory.

Here are some pairs I’m currently coveting!


Be Mine | Sailor’s Knots | Soiree Studs | Gigi Studs | Love Stud | Starfish | Pop Stone


Preppy Product: Out of the Ordinary Jewels

I’m always looking for adorable, unique, preppy jewels and luckily have found some irresistible earrings that I love wearing!

elBee Designs offers accessories that are out of the ordinary as well as super cute.

The earrings are a great way to tie and outfit together or make a statement while wearing a plain sweater or shirt. They just have a way of adding a great splash of color.

My favorite thing about these earrings is that they look great whether your hair is up or down. Sometimes I find certain earrings are strictly to be worn with my hair up, others only with my hair down, but not these! Which is so great. I love how versatile they are.

I love the pink and green earrings and also the monogrammed ones are to die for! What could be cuter?

Besides these earrings making a fabulous gift for any lady, the cuff links would make a great gift for the preppy guy in your life!

Be sure to check out elBee Designs if you are looking for some cute jewels that will receive compliments left and right!




Preppy Product & Giveaway: York Design Company

I am so excited to feature this awesome preppy product and do a giveaway of it!

York Design Co has not only totally awesome products, but very unique cuffs that are a fabulous addition to any outfit.

One of my favorite things about this product is that they are totally customizable to fit you. What could be better than that? From cuffs with simple designs and monograms to those that support hobbies and interests (even the nail polish one for a beauty queen!), you’re sure to find something (but most likely many things) that you like!

I love how on the company’s website it features photos of others sporting the cuffs in super stylish ways, for example with simple pearls or elegant rings.

While I am someone who does not typically wear bigger pieces of jewelry because my wrist is really small, I love the way this cuff fits. It truly compliments the outfits it’s paired with and is so attractive to others because it simply stands out…in a good way, of course!

These would also make a great gift for a friend or sister for the holidays! They are reasonably priced and as I said before, very unique. I consider these a gems and an awesome preppy find that I’m so excited to keep my eye on.

Also, I love the names of the cuffs! They are so cute…such as “seeing spots” and “a girl’s best friend”! Completely adorable.

If you’d like to add one of these uh-may-zing preppy cuffs to your wardrobe (and really, who wouldn’t?!) then enter the giveaway below! Click on the link under all of the images below and fill out the widget.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Preppy Product: Colorful Jewels

Angela Moore bracelets and jewelry are a super cute preppy product that will never be out of style.

I have a couple of these bracelets and they get compliments almost every time I wear them. They add great color to any outfit and are super preppy.

The beauty of these jewels is that there are so many themes to choose from when picking one that you’re bound to find one that suits you perfectly. I have a really cute nautical one that matches so much of my blue and white clothes it’s perfect. I’m also a big fan of the holiday collection – what great pieces to bring out at this special time of year! I mean, how cute is that turkey pendant to sport on Thanksgiving?!

I also am a big fan of the petite collection of bracelets, especially since my wrist is small and I feel like they fit me better. However the regular sized ones surely make a great statement.

Finally, I love these bracelets because they always remind me of a tropical vacation, because I alway see these while shopping on my favorite islands.

I love the whimsical, preppy, and colorful style of these and they are a necessity for any preppy lady.

They’re a great gift, too, and if you’re looking for a Christmas present that is sure to please here it is!

Preppy Product: Tipsy Skipper

I first heard about Tipsy Skipper last summer, and immediately fell in love with their adorable products! The patterns are cute and the products are simple, all around a great combination.

I got one of their clutches for my birthday last year and I love it. It also came packaged so adorably! I’ve also seen their flats and they are super cute as well.

One of the coolest things about these clutches it that they are customizable. You can get them monogrammed (which I love!) and also they are a popular product for bridal parties. You can even send a sample of your bridesmaids dresses to have the colors matched perfectly. Who doesn’t love an accommodating company like that? I know I do!

I’m also dying to get one of their bags, they are such a great shape and of course I love the patterns. I think I’ll have to put that one on my Christmas list!

I love the That’s a Croc pattern and it comes in a bunch of colors. Also, I have the Captain Morgan Clutch in For Sail, which is super cute.

Also, I’m completely obsessed with the new earrings that they have! So preppy, simple, and adorable!


Preppy Product: KJP

This week, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite preppy products to wear during the fall. My Kiel James Patrick bracelet is totally preppy, unique, and adorable…all around a great accessory to have! This nautical brand is not to be overlooked, that’s for sure.

I have gotten so many compliments on this bracelet. To be honest, there are certain times I simply don’t want to share with people where I get things like clothes, jewelry, bags, and so on because people can be such copy cats…and that’s one of my pet peeves. I love being original and finding your own sense of style, after all!

However, this is one product I can’t help but brag about. And the best thing about it is that they come in so many designs, colors, and patterns that you don’t need to worry about people getting the same one as you!

Although they don’t make the exact design I have anymore, I have one of the Cambreshire Dunes bracelets. But like I said, there are tons to choose from if you take a look at the site.

Besides these bracelets being so fashionable and unique, they are also so convenient. They have a cute button closure and they also come in different sizes, which I love since I have such trouble finding bracelets that aren’t too big for my wrist.

 These are high-quality products manufactured in America and I recommend purchasing one for yourself! They’re fun, cute, and will last you forever! Plus, you’ll get a million compliments!

PS – They’re unisex…you know what that means? A girlie one for you and a masculine style for your guy!

don’t you love the styles?