Words of the Week: Talent

I have been spotting one of my favorite quotes all over lately. I’ve loved it since high school because it is so elegant yet beyond true. It always gets stuck in my head:


Isn’t this quote so beautiful? And, it’s really inspiring!

I mean, how many times do you feel like you can’t do something because you know you won’t do it best? I know I feel like that many times. But, it’s totally unjustified. In reality, you’ll never be the best at something. Somewhere, there will always be someone better, no matter how good you get or how hard you try. And that might sound depressing, but it is actually a great fact to motivate you and remind you that even though you’re not the best, you still have to try.

Not using your talent because you fear not being the best is like ripping off yourself and starving the rest of the world of something great.

Whenever you feel like what you can contribute isn’t worth it or doesn’t matter because you’re not quite the best, remember that if everyone felt that way, no one would ever contribute anything at all.