Monday Getaway: Here

Last week, I blogged about wanting to be home for my Monday getaway.

Three presentations, four papers, and a 65 page PR campaign plan book later, I came home.

After relaxing at home, getting a mani/pedi, and being with all of the people I love (except my sister who gets home Tuesday, and I can’t wait!), I am so, so happy to be home.

I’m also very excited to be starting a new internship tomorrow. I am so very lucky for all the great things and people I have in my life.

Instead of posting about where I wish I was this week for “Monday Getaway,” I’d like to say I’m perfectly content and happy just being home.



Words of the Week: Pinspiration

Since I have been totally crazed with school work, internship work, and basically just life, I thought that this week it would be appropriate to put some inspirational quotes up for words of the week.

Getting back into the swing of things after an entire week off has definitely proven to be tough, especially knowing that Christmas break is so close yet so far away.

However, after almost a whole semester of very hard work, I know how important it is to continue working hard every day.

When I came across this jumble of inspirational quotes on Pinterest (I found some Pinspiration!), it really struck me and I keep coming back to it this week.

Yes, there are some cliched, overused, and perhaps overrated quotes included in this picture.

But there is one that I continue to think of as I am trudging (sometimes happily, other times miserably) through my what seems to be never ending mountain of work.

Just below the top right, it reads, “If you’re doing your best, you won’t have anytime to worry about failure.”

How true is that? How often do we think “I can’t do this” or “This is impossible”??

I know that I have been guilty of these negative thoughts, centering around the possibility of failure.

However, when you are so busy doing your best, you will have no time to worry about a negative outcome. This is so true for many things in life, like if you’re so busy loving people you will have no time to hate, if you are so busy being happy you will have no time to be sad, and so on. Why not apply that concept to the work we do, and sometimes struggle with, every day?

That quote has given me so much motivation this week, and I hope that you can find a quote in this photo that gives you the inspiration you’re needing to plow through to finals as well.

PS – I love this idea of surrounding yourself with your favorite quotes in times of need! I think I will do this to my wall for the next few weeks. Picture to follow!