Words of the Week: Friends

Graduation is coming so soon! I actually can’t believe it. All year I’ve been very excited for graduation. Almost rushing it along. Very ready to move on to something…new. But now that it’s happening, it is actually really sad. Overwhelming. Unbelievable!

Anyways, since the end is so rapidly approaching, it’s had me reflecting upon my years here at Quinnipiac. It’s been a crazy time and definitely one with a lot of memories – good and bad (more good than bad though!).

I have made some really, really, REALLY awesome friends here. Friends that I know I will stay close with forever and ever. I’ve never been a person to believe in needing a ton of friends to be happy, and that’s stayed exactly the same here at QU. I know so many people here, but I’ve always kept the ones that I know I can count on no matter what extra close, and I am so thankful for those people. I love all of our memories and cannot wait for the many, many more to come. What would life be without friends?! Especially without the ones that turn into family along the way.



Monday Getaway: Sanibel…Again

I posted once about how much I love Sanibel Island in Florida.

And, well…I’m posting about it again (sorry!).

My parents are there for a week right now and I’m super jealous! I hope they have a great time (I know they will!) but I wish my sister and I were there with them.

Here are some favorite pictures from a Sanibel trip before I even started college!




Words of the Week: Moments vs Things

A few weeks ago, my dad and I were talking about people we know that spend ridiculous amounts of money on totally unnecessary things. It turns out those people are all around us.
During our conversation we touched on the fact that having things, at the end of the day, does not make you happy. At least, it doesn’t make us happy. No matter how many Lilly Pulitzer accessories I have or no matter how many nice watches he has, it doesn’t truly fulfill us.
Instead, what remains at the true base (and top, bottom, middle, and means) of our happiness are the people we love an the memories we make and share with them.
Don’t get me wrong, I love things. I love shopping and having nice clothes and accessories. I love having books on my shelves and makeup in my purse. To be honest, I have more things than any one person probably ever should.
Despite my love for and abundance of things, though, they’re not what shape who I am nor do they make up my happiness. I’ve never gone to bed with a smile on my face because I got a new pair of shoes, but rather because I spent the whole day being silly with my sister. I’ve never felt uplifted from a new scarf like I have a hand written card from anyone I love. And I certainly have never laughed so hard I had tears running down my face from having a new iPod or purse or cardigan or new anything. Those moments of pure joy that inevitably turn into memories are the moments I spend with the people I love. The moments I’m giggling over anything and everything with my best friend. The holidays I spend with my family. The nights I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner just chatting with my mom. The car rides home from school I have with my dad. The sleepovers I have in my sisters room where we laugh into the night.

Those are the moments ill always remember. Because at the end of the day I can have a closet, a room, a house, or even a mansion filled with the very best things. But if I didn’t have those moments with my friends and family my life would not mean anything.

Best of Break

Break is officially over and I’m back at school ready for a great semester.

However, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on how great break was!

Here were my favorite things:

Christmas – duh! It was a great day with friends and family. I loved all the things surrounding Christmas as well, from baking to gift wrapping to gingerbread cookie decorating!



IMG_2481 (1)

Internship – what a great opportunity. I learned so much and met great people. The best part of all is that I learnt so much about myself as a worker and gained more insight on what I want to do after graduation.

Friends & Family – by far the best thing about being home was just enjoying time with my friends and family, being silly with my sister, and having all that awesome quality time with everyone. It is so special and irreplaceable to make those memories and spend that time.


My dogs – this is a no brainer. They’re cute and cuddly and I miss them so much when I’m at school!


Champagne – I feel like I drank so much champagne this break and it was so deviantly delicious.


What were your favorite things over the holiday season?

Monday Getaway: Sea World

The other night I was talking about Sea World when I was out to dinner.

I know so many people that love Disney and have so many fun family memories there.

Whenever we went to Disney, my sister was terrified of all the characters dressed up and of most of the rides.

So, it’s not that I don’t love Disney, it’s just that it was never convenient for my family to be there, considering how scared my sister always was.

Anyways, in lieu of Disney we visited Sea World.

For some reason I always loved being there, watching the sea animal shows and I especially loved looking at the penguins and the sea lion show always made me laugh.

My family and I have always loved the ocean and I think that’s why we had so much fun learning about and watching these magical sea animals.

We have a lot of fun family memories there and I always ask my dad to go back whenever we’re in Florida.

What are your favorite Sea World or Disney memories?



Holiday Traditions

Since yesterday was Christmas, I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas time traditions with you.

Traditions are such a special part of any holiday, but during Christmas they seem especially…perfect.

Here are my favorite yearly traditions that the holidays absolutely wouldn’t be the same without:

  1. Ornament exchange – every year at Christmas dinner, everyone at the table gets an ornament. Usually the ornaments reflect something special about you or something you like, for instance my Grandpa got a golfing Santa. It is such a fun thing to do every year and it is so fun to look back on the ornaments each year while decorating the tree.
  2. Christmas jammies – Pajamas are one of my biggest obsessions as it is, so holiday jammies are just that much better. For literally as long as I remember, my sister and I have gotten matching pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and wear while we open our gifts. I love wearing them both that night and on many others to come.
  3. Baking – as you’ve probably figured out, I love to bake, and the holidays are no exception. I love making special recipes for Christmas – both yearly pieces as well as trying new recipes that really capture the spirit of the season.
  4. Christmas house – in our town, we have a Christmas house literally millions of lights set up outside of it. Everyone goes and walks around and just enjoys the lights. There are little houses, characters, and stations set up to enjoy. It is so much fun and such a fun tradition to keep every year to go at least once to see the lights.
  5. Coffee Cake -Christmas morning simply wouldn’t be the same without my moms Jewish Coffee Cake. This may sound really weird and ironic, but it’s our favorite breakfast and the only one we would accept on Christmas morning. It is a delicious homemade coffee cake that I always remember as being so delicious. I think every year it gets better and better, and I love having it in the mornings after Christmas a well.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Since I shared with you, tell me: what are your favorite holiday traditions?

holiday cookies!

holiday cookies!

my sister and I in our christmas jammies yesterday!

my sister and I in our christmas jammies yesterday!

a small portion of the christmas house!

a small portion of the christmas house!


Although I certainly am in no way wishing for snow (according to me, it’s acceptable once a year…at most), I have recently been remembering a really special snow experience.

Since I was about two, my family has owned a house in Vermont. When I was little, we used to go there almost every weekend. I remember the three hour drives giggling with my sister and eating Happy Meals, cozying up with my family in our little VT house, being bored at antique and furniture stores while my parents shopped, and always ordering the same thing at our favorite restaurant Laney’s (I always had Muppet’s Pizza).

Almost every time we are in Vermont we go shopping in Manchester and it is always so much fun. One time a few years ago, we were in the midst of shopping when it started lightly snowing.

As we were walking from store to store outside, my dad, my sister and and I noticed how beautiful the snowflakes were. They weren’t blobs of snow like the flakes usually are, but instead perfectly shaped and crystalized snowflakes like you see in pictures, each one different and unique.

This was such a cool moment to share with my family and probably my favorite ever memory of Vermont. I think about it every winter and definitely every time it snows.

It is certainly a winter memory I will never, ever forget.

What are your favorite winter memories?