DIY: Lilly Collage Phone Background

So I recently got an iPhone 5 because the lock button on my iPhone 4 mysteriously stopped working (annoying!) and I happened to have an upgrade. Being that I have a new phone, I went for new wallpapers, cases, and so on…which is actually pretty fun.

As I was searching Pinterest for a really cute background (something Lilly, of course) I stumbled upon a cool collage with Lilly prints on the sides and a monogram in the middle.

So, I wanted to make my own. It was super easy! Here’s how I did it:

I already had my monogram made on my computer (I have a bunch of them), but you can use this tutorial to make an awesome one in word.

I set my monogram in a scalloped border and saved it as an image. Then, I emailed it to myself.

Next, I saved a bunch of Lilly print pictures on my phone (found them on Pinterest). I just picked my faves.

Then I used the ProCollage app (it’s free!) to make the actual collage. I used the template and put the Lilly patterns around the sides and the monogram in the middle. So simple!

Here’s how it turned out:


Cute, right? I can’t wait to make more!!



I have recently been writing for an awesome website called StyleQuirk.

It is so cool and they have a ton of articles on there about beauty, style, fashion, health, trends, lifestyle…and just about anything else you can think of!

I’ve written a bunch of articles for them so far and hope to write a lot more in the future. They are truly a great site for women to look at that tackles many different topics, ranging from something as silly as putting bacon on everything or something as serious as how to deal with an obese child.

I love the nature of this site’s writing and how conversational the tone of it is. The writers for SQ truly have a way with words and make reading their content fun! I also love the broad range of topics in one place rather than having to browse four different sites to find articles on things varying from DIY crafts to celebrity news to style columns to relationship advice.

Check out my latest articles here about my crazy food obsessions and the positives of sticking to a routine.

What do you think of this site? What are your favorite articles? What else would you like to see on there?


Beauty Blitz: The Sock Bun Look

So, I recently learned how to put my hair in a sock bun and I have to say I’m a fan of it!

I must tell you, I have very difficult, frizzy, curly hair. Additionally, I don’t really know how to do much to it…straighten it, blow it out, and…that’s about it. I’m by no means the hair expert that many of my friends are that can maneuver their locks into perfect curls with a straightening iron. Unfortunately, that is not me.

However, I found the sock bun super easy to do, but the nice thing is that it looks really sophisticated and advanced.

 Naturally, I learned how to do this bun via Pinterest. In the process of looking for some how-to’s, I found some really cute variations of the sock bun. I’m sticking to the classic one currently, and slowly working on learning the fancier ones.

This is a great look for class, work, when you’re on-the-go, headed out, or even when going for the professional look.

Claire’s even sells donut hair accessories that you can use to get this look without using a real sock!

Happy sock-bunning!