Craft Craze: Ribbon Wreath for the 4th

In honor of the Fourth of July, I did a really fun craft over the past week.

I found it on Pinterest (obviously!) and it was super easy and very, very cute. Although mine did not come out exactly like the one on The Suburban Mom, it was still a success. All in all, I was happy with it. The directions were very clear and this was a cute and simple idea.

This was a Fourth of July wreath. (In case you’ve never noticed, I’m really into wreaths)


It was made with a styrofoam wreath and ribbon. That’s it! So simple.

I love that this is a really great craft to know because you can change it to customize it to almost any holiday or occasion. For instance, if you know someone having a baby, you can make them a pink or blue one or something like that. All you need to do is find cute ribbon and there you go! The other best thing about it is that you can keep it forever and use it year after year.

I really like the one on this site, how it’s set up like an American flag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ribbon I was looking for (we have only Walmart here for craft supplies, which is annoying. Thankfully a Michael’s is opening soon!). So, I improvised.

All in all, this was a really fun craft! I highly recommend trying it for any holiday!

Thanks, Suburban Mom!


Craft Craze: Mod Podge Obsessed

Lately I am totally obsessed with mod podging! I don’t know why. I’ve always loved crafting, so I guess it’s natural.

There are so many fun mod podge crafts on Pinterest. I already showed you my Lilly Easter wreath, which I think is really cute (and it was really fun to make!).

But here are some other really cool Pinterest inspired mod podge crafts:


See the directions here.


A cute and easy gift for any occasion!


A great home accent!

Fun, right?! I can’t wait to try more of these over the summer!

As Seen on Pinterest: The Elephant in the Room

Every once and a while on Pinterest, the same animals keep popping up – kind of in waves. Sometimes it will be pigs, other times frogs – it changes. I mean, dogs are obviously always popular on there and I’m constantly pinning cute dog pictures. But other than that, there are all different types of animals. I remember once I was seeing so many raccoon pictures (which I thought was relay weird) and lately I’ve also noticed many deer pins.

But I’ve noticed on my personal boards many elephant pins.

I know, this seems really random, but elephants are actually really cool and have generated cute patterns, pins, and crafts! Check them out!


Love this bathing suit top!:


These pillows are super cute and unique:



Love these! Made out of scrapbook paper:


It’s a minky elephant!:


Baked goods:

How cute are these elephant cookies?



Love this elephant pattern! Pretty in pink!:


A beautiful resort…the white ELEPHANT!:

Nantucket Resort

What animals are you always pinning?

Beat the Winter Blues

I feel like lately it’s cold as ever and there is still so much snow on the ground. The cold and winter time in general definitely makes me wish for summer and warmer weather.

But, there are ways to beat those winter blues! Here are the best ways I’ve found so far:

beat the blues

  1. Love naps – I’m not the biggest napper, and try to avoid them because I’d rather spend the time getting stuff done and being productive. But when it’s so cold it’s so nice to climb into bed for a nap when you can. It is a great way to actually take advantage of the cold weather and enjoy at least one thing about the winter!
  2. Have cozy time – since it’s so cold outside, during the winter you need to make the most of your time inside. Do this by having a movie marathon on the warm, cozy couch in front of the fire, do crafts, read a good book, or play board games. Doing fun things inside can help you forget how yucky it is outside.
  3. Create a countdown – create a fun countdown until summer, vacation, or something exciting in order to make the cold more bearable and give yourself something to look forward to!
  4. Make a tropical drink – there are millions of Pinterest recipes out there, so why not try one out? Making and drinking one will be fun and will take you away to a tropical place where the palm trees are blowing, at least for a few minutes! Check out this site for tons of fun recipes.
  5. Do some summer shopping – stores are starting to put out all their spring and summer products, so why not forget winter for a little bit at the mall? Buy some shorts, sun dresses, beach bags, and sandals and gear up for warmer weather!

What are your favorite ways to beat the winter blues? What are your favorite things about winter that we can actually enjoy?

As Seen on Pinterest: Heart Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this As Seen on Pinterest edition obviously centers all around the heart-obsessed, pink studded holiday.

There are so many great ideas for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest. I seriously don’t know what people did before Pinterest, especially when it came to Valentine’s Day!

V-day is such a great holiday to craft and bake for, and especially make cards for!

Here are some Pinterest gems for this holiday:


I love this canvas! Totally cute!:


My dad would love these…he’s owl obsessed!:



Red velvet whoopee pies are absolutely de-lish!:


This cake is so simple but so…perfect! Reeses heart shape on a cake? Sugar overload but I love it!:


Obsessed with the Heart Day baby!:


As Seen on Pinterest: Arrows

I have been a little crazy on Pinterest lately, pinning away like a crazy person! I feel like I definitely go through spurts of pinning so much or hardly at all (although it’s almost always so much!).

Anyways, I don’t know if it’s because I have sorority stuff on my brain or because of Valentine’s Day or if it’s a combination of the two, but I have been pinning so much arrow stuff on Pinterest lately!

Not only is the arrow the symbol of my sorority, but it is also a really fun symbol and finally one that symbolizes Valentine’s Day (which I am so excited for!). Anyways, I have pinned so much arrow stuff and want to share it all with you!

First, I pinned a few really cute arrow crafts:

This Twig arrow craft is so cute!:


Next, this Pencil arrow craft is perfect for Valentine’s day! How clever!:


Next, here are some irresistible arrow products:

Arrow stationery is a must…


And so is this Kate Spade clutch:


And one Arrow clutch more couldn’t hurt:


Finally, I pinned some really adorable and meaningful quotes that incorporate arrows into them! Perfect to print out for my wall or planner:



Have you spotted anything arrow on Pinterest lately? What’s your favorite?


As Seen on Pinterest: Glitter

So I wanted to start doing something fun called “As Seen on Pinterest”. Since I spend an embarrassing amount of time on that site and seem to find so many great ideas there, I thought this would be a great way to share them and also learn about all your Pinterest-inspired ideas, projects, and passions!

Recently on Pinterest I’ve seen so many glitter-inspired ideas, crafts…even foods! It’s crazy. I think glitter is really fun and a great addition to any girls’ life in almost any possible way! (Side note: glitter was not allowed in my house when my sister and I were children because one time we decided to spread glitter glue all over the basement. After that…we did not see glitter for a long, long time).

Anyways, like I said, I’ve seen a bunch of fun glitter ideas that I definitely want to try out in the near future.

Here are two glitter crafts I want to try:

  • Glitter phone charger – how fun is this! What a great way to glam up an otherwise dull but necessary item. This way, you’ll never mix up which charger is yours (which always happens when I’m at home) and it will just look super chic. The only thing about this is that I’ll probably do it to a charger I know I’m always going to leave plugged in somewhere. I don’t want to take a glittered charger in my bag because it will leave a trail of sparkles…well…everywhere!


  • Glittered champagne bottle – whoever posted this is a genius! Not only do I love champagne, but I’m totally in love with this idea. What a great way to give a gift bottle and have it look totally glam without even having to wrap it! Amazing!


This is definitely strange, but I can’t wait to try this glittery food  accessory:

  • Edible glitter – I have no idea who thought of this, but it’s awesome! Glitter you can eat!? Sign me up. I can’t wait to try this for decorating cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and other baked goods.


Finally, this glitter quote speaks for itself! How true!:


Have you seen anything totally amazing and sparkly on Pinterest lately? Please share!