Be a Project Superstar

Since finals are here, I know so many of us are working on projects. I know I am! I am pretty weird and actually like working on them (most of the time..) especially because it lets me be creative. I definitely enjoy going above and beyond normal project requirements and doing extra work to make my project stand out. There are several ways to do this, and surprisingly they’re super easy. You don’t need to go too overboard to show your teacher or professor that you are a hard worker and dedicated to the class.
Check out my best tips to making your project stand out from the rest:
1. Hand it in early – remember that professors have to grade all of our projects, in a really short time frame when it comes to finals. If you can, hand it in before the actual due date! Not only does this take so much stress off of your shoulders, but it also shows your professor that you were organized and motivated to get yours done! Finally, they will appreciate the extra grading time.
2. Proofread! – be sure to proofread your entire project. Then, proofread it again a few hours later or even the next day to catch any left over mistakes. Just doing this will show your professor you took the time and care to make sure that your project was as perfect as can be! This seems so simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this (because they’re in a rush or being lazy!) and end up with many, many errors that make their work look sloppy.
3. Meet with your professor about the project – towards the beginning of working on your project, meet with your professor about it during his or her office hours. Go to the meeting prepared with questions and ideas to pitch. This will help you feel out how on track your ideas are, generate more ideas for the overall assingment, and show your professor that you care. Most professors love meeting with students for this reason (and many others) and it also gives you a personal connection with him or her than can be very useful in the long run!
4. Add personality – without breaking the “rules” or guidelines of the assignment, add your own sense of flair or style to your project – in any way you can! This is just something that will make it stick out in your professor’s mind. Even if it is something as simple as a creative cover page, it’s bound to be something that shows your professor you took that little extra time. It can go a long way.
5. Include extras – Especially on prjects that have an element of creativity to them, add supplements and extras to show just how into it you got. You don’t have to go super crazy, but just adding one or two will show a lot of committment on your part!
Projects can seem like a daunting task, but by no means do they have to be! Work on it with excitement and creativity and get into it as much as you can! You might even end up enjoying yourself.

A Guide to Dorm Packing

It’s the end of the semester and that means it’s time to pack up our dorms and move out. Ugh. Packing up my dorm has never been one of my favorite tasks. Not even close. It’s actually a super annoying one because I always have so. much. stuff.
But, there are ways to make this move more bearable, belive it or not. Just follow these steps and make your dorm move-out a lot less…stressful:
1. Start as soon as possible – if you live close enough, start your dorm move out as soon as possible. I’m lucky to be close and my mom has already come and gotten a bunch of my stuff. I sent home a lot of things I no longer need here, such as extra school supplies, extra linens, winter clothing, and winter shoes. This will make my move out a lot easier as so much of that unnecessary stuff is already home. If you are able to do this, I highly recommend it.
2. Categorize things into bins – thank goodness for those big bins during college moves. Seriously, though! I like to put everything of one category into a bin, label it, and send it home thatway. For instance, I put all my school supplies into a bin, and then, when I get home and unpack it, it’s not like I’m sorting through a mod podge of anything and everything. It just makes things a million times easier for unpacking!
3. Make a list – Make a list of everything you have in your dorm to start. Then, take that list and use it to make a list of categories, placing items into broad categories that can help you separate things to pack. This will make life easier and this way, you won’t find yourself sealing up what you think is a completed bin, only later to find yourself saying “woops! I forgot about this…”..
4. Consolidate – try to consolidate things as much as you possibly can. This is definitely difficult at times, but still possible with certain items. If you have two half full baskets of toiletries and bathroom supplies, consolidate them into one just to save precious room in the car! It doesn’t seem like much but it definitely helps.
5. Be neat – instead of just throwing stuff into bins (like I know we all want to) be as neat as possible during move out. Pack things in an organized and precise manner that will make your life easier when you get home and face the monster job of unpacking.
I totally get that this is one of the most annoying parts of the college process. It’s hot, bins and bags are heavy, and if you’re anything like me, despite your greatest efforts you’ve acquired more stuff than any one person should ever own in their entire lifetime. But follow these tips, do your best, and be organized for the smoothest move out possible.

Words of the Week: Friends

Graduation is coming so soon! I actually can’t believe it. All year I’ve been very excited for graduation. Almost rushing it along. Very ready to move on to something…new. But now that it’s happening, it is actually really sad. Overwhelming. Unbelievable!

Anyways, since the end is so rapidly approaching, it’s had me reflecting upon my years here at Quinnipiac. It’s been a crazy time and definitely one with a lot of memories – good and bad (more good than bad though!).

I have made some really, really, REALLY awesome friends here. Friends that I know I will stay close with forever and ever. I’ve never been a person to believe in needing a ton of friends to be happy, and that’s stayed exactly the same here at QU. I know so many people here, but I’ve always kept the ones that I know I can count on no matter what extra close, and I am so thankful for those people. I love all of our memories and cannot wait for the many, many more to come. What would life be without friends?! Especially without the ones that turn into family along the way.


Champagne Cocktails

This weekend, I am planning on celebrating a lot. Celebrating the end of senior year, good friends, great times at Quinnipiac, four years of accomplishments, failures, triumphs, met goals and future ones set. It is a big weekend here at QU – the last big one, really – and definitely one worth enjoying.

And, what’s a celebration without champagne? A lot of it. As you’ve probably figured out about me, I love some bubbly. It’s my favorite (adult) beverage and I can’t wait to indulge this weekend.

In preparation, and for your drinking pleasure, I’ve put together a guide of some yummy champagne drinks. I think it definitely goes well by itself, but making cocktails is super fun and deviantly delicious. Check out my recommendations:

Here are links to the recipes (also to be found on my Champagne Pinterest board!):


Classic Mimosa |Honeydew Mimosa | Champagne Punch |Pomosa | Champagne Pink Lemonade

What’s your favorite champagne cocktail? I’d love to try something new!

Words of the Week: The Present

Lately I am completely obsessed with the future yet feeling anchored by the past. Is that normal for a senior nearing graduation? I like to think it is, but at the same time, I sometimes feel as though I’m totally getting in my own head. Do you know what I mean?

I spend shuttle rides and walks to class obsessing over where I’ll work and end up living. In the moments before I fall asleep, I find myself recalling everything from the past four years here at school. I feel as though I am caught in between two very, very different worlds and completely undecided over which one I’d rather be in, so instead of choosing, I have one foot in each.

I am also someone who gets extremely anxious. About almost all things. When I was younger, I used to get very anxious and nervous about paying for things at a cash register by myself. I would always ask my mom or even younger sister to do it for me. While I’m over that anxiety (thankfully!), I have recently been facing much anxiety about the future. I spend phone conversations with my mom in a near panic – Will I ever get married? Where am I going to end up living? How many children will I have if I even have them at all?! – Thankfully, my mom always knows the right thing to say. But still, these anxieties have come to haunt me at times of change, like, well…right now.

I also feel a magnetic pull towards the past. I have a hard time letting go. I feel, again, caught between my yearn to move on and my irrepressible yearn to hold on with all my might, scared of forgetting the things that have happened to me, the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, the sights I’ve seen, and the places I’ve been.

With all of these desires, pulls, thoughts, and (sometimes) full-on battles I have going on within my own head, I find myself so often letting moments pass me by. All too frequently, I find myself missing out on what’s going on right now: the present.

This past weekend I saw this quote and it brought me to a full reflection of how I’ve been battling with myself over the past and future:

present moment

After reading this, I felt really…inspired. I realize that because of the way I am and who I am, I’m never going to stop planning for, wondering about, and dreaming of the future. I also know I will never fully be able to let go of things that have happened to me in the past. But, like I said, when I read this quote, I felt an irresistible pull to live more in the moment. It made me realize that if, in moments of past/future distress, I reassert my focus on what’s going on right now, I can not only allow myself to calm down but also enjoy life more.

Graduation is less than a month away, and these last days here at Quinnipiac are definitely going to be pretty special. Monumental, even. I want to look back at them and realize I enjoyed them, that I remember these last QU moments with my friends and sorority sisters, in my dorm, around Hamden, and at the library. I am thankful that this quote shall serve as a reminder to actively do so.

Finals Week Planning

Finals are approaching so quickly. It’s crazy (and totally overwhelming for so, so many reasons)!

Anyways, since we can now see finals on the horizon bur not quite here yet, it’s the perfect time to start preparing.

You might think it’s too early to effectively start prepping, but here are tips on how to alleviate finals week anxiety and stress starting now:

  1. Go to professors’ office hours – reaching out to your professors now before they get crazed with finals questions is the perfect way to get a head start. Ask your professors about class material, your grade, the format of your final exam, or review studying techniques. Don’y be afraid to go to them! Just this past week I asked on of my professors to put up the final review and she was more than happy to do it. Your professors are there to help you and by going to them it will show that you are organized and making a large effort.
  2. Prioritize and schedule – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – prioritize and schedule! To do this, take a blank sheet of paper and list all of your classes, leaving space in between. Then, fill in all assignments/exams you have left for the semester in each class, including dates. Write the most urgent stuff in one color, the next level of importance in another, and the more minor stuff in another. Then, highlight the most time consuming assignments in one color, the next time consuming in another, and so on. Then, you have an easy matching system. This makes it easy to know and see what needs to be done first and what can wait. After you do this, make a schedule for yourself. Hang these both up somewhere you’ll frequently see them so it stays on your mind and you stay motivated. Take a look at my examples (below). From them, you will see what is most important and what will take the most time via the font color/highlighting matching system. That dictates how my schedule goes and makes me understand the order I am working in better.
  3. Chip away at things – now that you have your schedule set, you can begin slowly chipping away at work rather than having to do an overwhelming amount in a few days or a week. One example of this is that I find useful for is studying for big exams. I like to make my study guides way in advanced.That way, I can start reading it casually each day. I read over it (or sections of it) between classes and before bed. That way, when I go to actually study for the exam a few days before I have already made my study guide and am very familiar with the material, making studying 100 times easier. Chipping away at things little by little makes things so much easier and less stressful.
  4. Do what’s hard now – I always say “Do what’s hard while things are easy”. This applies perfectly to this situation. Why not work on the hard stuff before the rush of finals week so it’s out of the way?!
  5. Leave yourself some wiggle room – when you’re doing things in advanced, making your work and study schedules, and planning ahead for finals, be sure to leave yourself wiggle room. The advantage to doing things ahead of time is that you get to do this! Because you’re planning ahead, you have a ton of time if something comes up, you get distracted, or if you take extra time on one or two particular things. Always allot extra time and don’t be too harsh on yourself if you get off track – that’s why you’re doing things in advance!

My matching examples:



Finals might seem far away, but manage your time wisely from now until then. This way, you can enjoy the last week of school instead of stressing out in a major way.

Keep it Classy

Everyone loves a fun night out, and I feel as though we can all name a night or two where we were, for lack of a better word, a hot mess.

I know I can, and let me tell you, I don’t look back on those nights very fondly.

Anyways, throughout college, I’ve come to learn that going out while remaining classy is not, in any way, impossible.

This is a good thing!


No one wants to get the reputation around campus of being a slob-kabob, so follow these easy-peasy steps towards having fun and retaining your dignity:

  1. Plan – when you’re going out, pick out your outfit before you start drinking. This way, you know you’re wearing something cute but appropriate. After you’ve had a couple of drinks, you might begin thinking that too-short skirt in the back of your closet is the perfect wardrobe choice…
  2. Spacers – in order to keep yourself from getting entirely too drunk, but “spacers” between your cocktails. In between flutes of champagne, cups of cranvodka, or glasses of win, drink a cup of ice water. Not only does this help you avoid drinking too much, but it also eliminates the possibility of a bad hangover the next morning (can you say double win?!).
  3. Stay with friends – your friends have a way of keeping you in check, and you should should do the same for them. Sticking with your besties can help save everyone from serious embarrassment.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself – I’ll never understand why people try to act like a slob. In my opinion, it doesn’t make you look cool or more desirable, but just dumb. Anyways, I feel like girls should make a commitment or promise to themselves to keep it classy while out – as simple as that. Make the quality of your actions a priority.
  5. Learn from mistakes – Like I said, I’ve had nights before that I’m not exactly proud of. But, I’ve definitely learned form them. I’ve learned how I don’t want to act and how to prevent those actions. I’ve learned more about my values and much, much more about how I truly like to have fun. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in college. Learn from them and use them as a valuable lesson and guide.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and having fun. I love getting dressed up and drinking champagne with my friends. I just like staying classy while I do it.