Books on my Shelf: Don’t Go

I’ve definitely blogged before about Lisa scottoline books and how much I love them. She’s definitely one of my favorite authors. And that’s why I have been so excited to blog about her latest book Don’t Go.

don't go
My mom gave me this book last week and I started it that night, woke up, and finished it the next morning. It was so, so good.
In this novel, she writes such a compelling story. One of the things I loved most about it was how different it’s been from her previous recent novels. I mean, it was similar in the sense that the story draws you in insanely, but different because of the characters and they’re unique situations. I especially loved that the point of view m a male perspective.
This book made me realize, once again, that scottoline is such a versatile
Writer. She writes her novels in so
Many different tones and styles, all of which are interesting in their own way. As a writer, that’s a huge talent.
I definitely recommend Don’t Go as a must read.


Books on my Shelf: The Storyteller

So over vacation, I read Jodi Picoult’s new novel. I’ve blogged about her before, and she is my favorite author.

The first book of hers I read was My Sister’s Keeper. My mom read it first, then I did, and I literally couldn’t put it down. I distinctly remember being at the mall wishing I was home reading more of it! (I know, I’m so weird)

But anyways, she writes really compelling stories. She has a way of making them totally unique and always puts in really unexpected twists.

Another aspect of her books that I love is the character development. As each of her books progress, you get to read in all of the different character’s voices, and it makes you understand them really well and brings you towards an attachment to them, some more than others depending on your personality.

I really admire Picoult as a writer, too, because she learns so much about whatever topic she writes about. She really commits herself to it, which is so admirable and not many writers take the time to do this. For example, she wrote a story about a child with Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of Autism. While writing the book, she shadowed a little boy with this disorder and consulted textbooks as well as doctors to learn the ins and outs of this syndrome in order to write about it accurately and concisely. This is really cool, because it allows her readers to learn about something real even in a fictional work, and it makes her books a lot more…real.

So as I was saying, I read her new book over vacation, The Storyteller. I had been super excited to read it for a while, and where better to read it than on vacation!?

jodi picoult

When I read it, I found that it was nothing that I expected. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. I definitely have mixed feelings about this book, and am not sure if I just like it or love it. I feel very conflicted because I couldn’t put it down, so that must mean I loved it, right? I’m still not so sure!

Some things about this book – the story is very emotional and compelling. It’s about a controversial topic (I don’t want to give too much away!) that we all know of but perhaps don’t know a lot about. I felt that the topic was excellent and is one that particularly interests me, even outside of this book. So that was a plus.

One of the things I didn’t love about the book, though, is that instead of switching from character to character often within the book, it was dominantly told through the eyes of one character. Don’t get me wrong, this character’s view point was very, very, interesting and I believe totally necessary to the story. I do, though, wish more was included from the other character’s points of view, because I felt kind of disconnected from them.

But, this book, like all of Picoult’s others, was fabulously researched and a very interesting read. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of hers and anyone who isn’t!

Words of the Week: Hidden Secrets

I am so obsessed with Roald Dahl quotes lately. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and can’t resist pinning almost every single one. There is just something about how lovely they are that really draws me in. He is obviously such a talented writer and wrote some of my favorite childhood books like The Witches (Also one of my least favorites, James and the Giant Peach. But that’s a whole different story).

Anyways, I thought this quote was totally amazing:

I mean, how true is it?! It’s totally true. And so elegantly put.

This quote serves reminder to me to always look for beauty and wonder in even the ugliest of places. Additionally, it tells me that even in the worst situations, there could be good found in them some way and some how. Finally, it is the perfect reminder that there are secrets and discoveries to made everywhere you look, not just the really obvious places. You may be totally convinced that you will find the passion that you are looking for one place, but then may come to find that what you are really looking for is where you would never expect to look for it.

This quote is a great reminder to look at everything with wonder no matter how small and seemingly boring it might be on the outside.


Books on My Shelf: Break Reads

Over break, I did some reading and discovered some great books!

First, I read Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans. Oh my goodness – such an amazing story! I literally couldn’t put this down and have thought about how awesome the story was time an time again since finishing it weeks ago.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a feel-good story. Let me warn you though – there is a big twist that will totally shock you!

Next, I read Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman. I can’t say that I was as obsessed with this one as the last, but it was still a good read and it told a great story. It was pretty deep and more of a dense read, but so worth the time! The characters were super developed and I loved how it was set to only take place in the summer time, but still focused on different years. This is a book that shows the power of tragedy and how connections can be tested over time.

The next book I read was I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark. This was a mystery/thriller that I absolutely loved. I was so excited every night to get home and read before bed to see what was going to happen next. This is the first mystery that I’ve ever correctly predicted the end to, but it was definitely a lucky guess since this is not a predictable story at all.

Finally, I read Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I know I’ve blogged about her books before, and I definitely loved this one so much! It has the familiar Shopaholic main character in it, Becky, and she gets herself into loads of hilarious trouble. It is a really fast paced book that will never cease surprise you or make you laugh.

I’m so happy with all the great books I read over the break and can’t wait to read even more this semester!

What were your best holiday reads?


Books on my Shelf: Memoirs

As you know about me by now, I love to read. One of my favorite things about reading is how there are so many genres to delve into and so many interesting types of stories to read. Reading, even when you don’t realize it, is a great learning experience. The thing is, it’s dressed in fun.

Anyways, one of the genres that I’ve begun delving into and can’t wait to explore more is memoirs. These are great reads because you learn someone’s true story. It is so amazing that someone can share so much about their life with complete strangers and really let you in to the personal details of their story.

I have read several really great memoirs.

The first one is A Stolen Life, which I previously blogged about and you can read about it here.

Next, I read a really inspiring story called Ryan White: My Own Story. This was such an amazing life story from someone so young who was forced to face such hardship and discrimination. I remember my mom suggested I read it and I was totally uninterested, but by the end of it I couldn’t put it down. This is such an unexpected amazing read that will truly impact you.

Another great memoir was Alice Sebold’s Lucky. The author of the famous book The Lovely Bones shares her life story and this is a truly compelling read that will keep you turning pages like nothing else! Especially for women, this is an inspiring book that will bring you to tears.

Do you have any suggestions for memoirs that I should add on my “To-Read” list? Let me know!


Books on My Shelf: Beachy Reads

As winter is in full swing, complete with snow, ice, and frosty air, it is definitely time to read some books that put us in a summer state of mind.

I have always been drawn to books that are set in the summer, take place in a tropical location, or are written about a beach. I am just such a summer person and it definitely shows through my book preferences.

Here are some of my favorite books that all have a summery feel:

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 12.17.08 AM


au pairs




The best part about some of these books – for instance the Susan Wiggs one, Au Pairs, and Barefoot – is that they are either part of a series or the authors have written many, many books with similar feels that you can continue to read after you fall in love with the first one.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do and that they take the edge off the cold!

Books on my Shelf: Juicy YA Series

Now that it’s winter break, I am excited to have some time to relax and do the things I love.

One of my favorite things to do, as immature as it may be, is read young adult series that I find scandalous and gossipy.

Doing so truly relaxes me and makes me happy, even though I outgrew these easy-to-read books years ago. They are such quick reads but I get so into them and totally wrapped up in the drama.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite series to follow:

  1. Gossip Girl – although this series is over, I always loved it so much. I would wait and wait and wait for a new GG book to come out and then literally devour it! They are so juicy and totally different from the TV series, so if you haven’t read them I recommend checking them out!
  2. Private – I know I’ve mentioned this series before, but it’s totally worth the repeat mention. It is incredibly scandalous and always had me on the edge of my seat. I’m so beyond obsessed with these books!
  3. The Clique – these books are by far the most immature, but also so good! I can’t get enough of them and the teenage drama they are filled with center around clothes, friends, and boys. I also love the movie that was made out of this series!
  4. The A-List – this series is totally underrated but so good! The characters always get themselves into crazy situations and they live glamorous lives I love to read about!

Those are definitely my top faves, but I also always enjoyed the Au Pairs series as well as the Summer Boys books and the It Girl novels.

This break, I am going to read the Pretty Little Liars series! I can’t wait and will definitely let you know if they live up to the amazingness of the show!