Preppy Product: Perfect Black Bags

I have a ton of bags. I mean a ton of them. In the past week, my collection has grown by like…three. I am kind of an addict.

And, with that said, I know better than anyone that every occasion requires a different bag. One of the most versatile bags are black ones, because they are sleek and tend to match with, well…everything.

Anyways, I have come across some perfect black bags that are the best for particular occasions. See them here:

The go-anywhere bag – This Kate Spade bag is perfect for running errands or dinner out. It’s small, adorable (I mean, it has a bow of sorts!) and is just convenient. The size is great, as are the inside pockets. The best part is the outside pocket which is perfect for your keys and iPhone.

go anywhere

The professional bag – This Longchamp is the best for interviews or work. It’s sleek, simple, fits a ton without being bulky, and is really cute! Definitely a no brainer for work. It is also very durable, as all Longchamps are, which means it will wear well no matter where you’re commuting to or working.


The light travel bag – this black Coach bag is timeless and spacey, great for a plane carry on, day trip, or even overnight when you don’t need tons of stuff. What a stylish way to tote your things!

light travel

What is your all time favorite black bag and what do you use it for?


Preppy Product: Blue Times Two

As you all definitely know by now, I’m totally obsessed with monograms. In my world, everything should be monogrammed (well, almost everything!). Anyways, that is why I love the shop Blue Times Two!

This shop has tons of great monogrammed items, most of them in the form of decals.

I have the phone charger decal as well as the mini ones in my monogram, and I love them!

Especially the phone charger one, it is great for when I’m at home because not only does it make my charger look adorable, it also helps me tell mine apart from the rest of my family’s. We are always mixing up our chargers and can never find our own, so this has been a stylish and convenient solution!

I also totally adore the monogrammed market tote. What a great way to be green, preppy, and stylish all in one!

These items add simple life pleasures to your day-to-day life, as I love seeing my little monogram on my laptop and other random places! Blue Times Two has great items, great prices, and overall is totally worth a shop!




Oldies but Goodies

Since I cleaned out my closet this past weekend, I found some oldie-but-goodie products. I’ve already shared with you a few of them (like my Vintage Vera), but wanted to share a few more while I had them out.

I have so many wristlets (mostly all from Coach) that I love and still use, even though they’re from forever ago! Check some of them out:


Also, check out these old J.Crew purses! So cute!:


Finally, take a gander at this chic coin purse! Love it! (It’s from Furla):

coin purse

What are your favorite oldie but goodie products?!

Vintage Vera

Every girl knows what Vera Bradley is, and you see it popping up everywhere. I see girls wearing it at school, at the mall, at airports, at work, or just on the street carrying a bag! It is definitely super popular and undoubtedly super cute.

These totes, bags, duffels, and accessories are great to use for just about anything! From the hanging organizer to the sunglass case, they really have thought of everything. But there was a time that Vera Bradley was not as large as a company or as popular.

In fact, my sister and I have had Vera for longer than I can remember. We got Vera backpacks way back in the day, before everyone became Vera crazy. I still have my first piece, see below:


I love that pink pattern and my sister has it in purple. As soon as we got those backpacks, we were obsessed. We started getting Vera stuff all the time and always using it for everyday use and especially for traveling.

Now, we both have tons of these items, from cosmetic cases to duffels, which we use endlessly, just like everyone else. But, I love knowing that we had Vera before it was popular. We are quite the trendsetters, aren’t we?!

What was your first Vera piece? What pattern is your favorite? My number one pick ever is Hope Garden!


another oldie but goodie!

Ame & Lulu Giveaway

I am so excited to be doing a giveaway with Ame & Lulu! This company makes “Accessories for an Active Lifestyle” that are beyond cute.

I love the geometric patterns of these bags and accessories. They have so many great pieces that are simply irresistible!

One of my favorite pieces is the Overnight Duffel in the Malibu pattern. I love the pink and navy blue combo!

Another awesome item they have is the Wet Bathing Suit Bag. I mean, how smart!?? I would totally use this all summer long.

Finally, they have uh-may-zing beauty products, like the Pencil and Brush Case which is perfect for a girl on the go when traveling or for every day use.

There are tons of travel bags, totes, and accessories from this company that any fashionista would love to see under the tree. The best thing about these products is that they appeal  girly-girls, sporty girls, and every girl in between! The bags are just that cute and useful!

If you’re loving these bags as much as I am, enter to win your choice of either a Cross Body Bag or a Pleated Clutch (pattern of your choice for either!).

Simply click on the link below and fill out the widget to enter!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway




I am in love with this picture! Adorable!

I am in love with this picture! Adorable!

Preppy Product: Scout Bags

A really great preppy product is the Scout bags. If you’re interested in durable, brightly colored, all-around adorable bags, these are right up your alley.

They are made by Bungalow Co and my mom first introduced them to me when she saw them at a Lilly Pulitzer store a few years ago. Then, last year in my town they had a pop-up store for the holidays. How cool is that?!

They have so many great items, I find something new every time I go on the site. From cosmetic cases to storage bins to tote bags to tablet cases, they have everything you could ever need.

I’m a big fan of the Weekender bag, it has a great shape to it and comes in great patterns.

Also, they have awesome coolers that would be great for a day at the beach or a football tailgate.

To sum it up, they have so much awesome stuff! With Christmas coming up, this is great stuff to put on your list or get for someone else. Like I said, it’s super durable and will last you forever.

PS – I love the logo! Reminds me of my little dogs!

What’s in my Purse?

 The purses I carry, more often than not, carry a wide myriad of items…from completely necessary and useful to…well, not so much.

Useful or not, my purse contains a lot of stuff. But here are the absolute essentials.

  1. Chapstick – there is perhaps nothing worse than chap lips! Especially with the wintertime upon us, now more than ever it’s important to have a good chap stick handy. I like the C.O. Bigelow ones.
  2. Pill box – I always keep a little pill box with some Advil in it in my purse. Also, I love these in case I ever need to take my rings off, I know this little container will keep them safe and from getting lost. This Etsy site has lots of cute ones!
  3. Bandaids – I am always the person to have a band aid when someone needs it and doesn’t have one. Also, I’ve grabbed mine from my bag many times for blisters during a first day in new shoes.
  4. Tissues – you never know when you’re going to have to blow your nose or find somewhere to put your gum!
  5. Hand sanitizer – necessary, um….everywhere! Very, very, important must have…for an array of reasons – from the soap being out in a public restroom to just staying clean and germ-free! I love all  the Bath & Body Works sanitizers.
  6. Pen – I keep a pen in my bag because you never know when you’re going to have to sign a receipt or jot down a phone number. Believe me, it comes in handy!
  7. Lysol To-Go – yes, I am a complete germophobe, but whatever. I use this especially at the library and other public places where I know there is the possibility of picking up a lot of germs. I realize not everyone wants to be spraying Lysol in front of the whole world because it’s a little…weird, but it’s something I do.
  8. Nail file – I hate having a jagged nail and not being able to do anything about it. When that happens, I end up picking that nail and then it looks all demented. Thus, I always have a nail file in my purse…and I use it more than you’d think.
  9. Wallet – well, duh! What is a purse without this? I have this exact Juicy Couture Bow Wallet, only in black.
  10. Mints – especially after that garlic bread you had with lunch, sometimes you just need to freshen up.
  11. Bobby pins – these little hair accessories are spewed all over my room, bathroom, bottoms of bags, cosmetic cases, wallet, and pencil cases. Never know when your hair will get unruly, especially when you have unmanageable curls like mine.

Now that you know about my must haves, what can’t you do without in your purse?