Netflix Picks

In case you didn’t know, I’m such a Netflix junkie. Sorry, not sorry…I love to lay in bed and watch episode after episode of television shows blissfully unaware of the world around me. I mean, come on…we’re all guilty of it sometimes! What in the world did we do without Netflix?!

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Anyways, I have some current favorites on Netflix…without a doubt! There are tons of great shows and movies on there, but there are some that I could and do watch over and over and over again. Here are some of them…I highly recommend them all!:

Not-so-guilty pleasure: Pretty Little Liars – I am obsessed with it! I love watching old episodes even though I’ve seen them all. As silly as it is, it keeps me on edge because the scandals and drama are that intense.

Oldie but goodie: Pretty in Pink – this was recently added to Netflix and I have always loved this movie. Such an 80’s classic!

Something dramatic: Private Practice – I just started watching this on Netflix in the spring and don’t know why it took me so long to start. This show is seriously good and if I had a dime for how many times it’s brought me to tears…let’s just say that I could buy some serious stuff.

Dose of reality: NYC Prep – This is the show that way back when started my love affair with Bravo, and I couldn’t be happier it’s been added to Netflix.

Laugh out loud: Orange is the New Black – this is the first NF series that I’ve watched and it’s so funny so far and totally unique. Definitely worth a try. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it initially, but I really do – it really appeals to a broad range of audiences.

What are your NF faves?


Beauty Blitz: Blair Waldorf Inspired

I’ve been on a Gossip Girl kick lately (the show, not the books). I am totally obsessed with Blair Waldorf! Is it bad that I want to be her?!

Anyways, I constantly find inspiration from Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe choices, hair styles, accessories, and beauty looks! I mean, she always looks perfect doesn’t she?! Totally jealous.

Check out some of her best beauty looks:

Light shadow:


Pink and delicate:


Light and natural:


Bold lips!:


Which is your favorite? I think they’re all great!

Books on my Shelf: PLL

I recently began reading the Pretty Little Liars book series (since I’m beyond obsessed with the show).

Although the books are definitely written and meant for someone much, much younger than me, I really enjoyed the first one. It was a light, easy read but was really enjoyable for me, especially as a break from school work and long days.

The characters are obviously familiar and I kind of wish that I’d read the books before watching the show, so I could imagine the characters on my own instead of picturing the actresses.

The book is different from the show though as it gives a ton of different information and stories about the girls that you don’t see on TV. This was a really cool aspect of the book. I also feel like the characters are developed more and differently via this wealth of information, which is another plus.

Overall this was a really fun read and I can’t wait to read more of the series! I will keep you updated as I read on!


A Shameful Obsession

Okay, so one of my most shameful obsessions is The Bachelor.

It all started this past summer when I began watching The Bachelorette. There was something about Emily Maynard that I just really liked – despite how every other second the tabloids were calling her fake, a bad mom, and every other horrible thing under the sun. I became so obsessed with her journey to find love.

Once the season was over, I found myself so hooked on the show itself. Even though in my mind I know it’s crazy, half-fake, and even a little bit trashy at times – I can’t get enough of it.

Last week when the new season of the Bachelor began, I was so excited. Then, the fact that the bachelor is Sean from Emily’s season made me even more excited (if possible).  I wasn’t home when it was one but DVR’d it and watched every moment of the two-hour episode, on the edge of my seat, totally enthralled.

After I finished the episode, for a moment I thought about how sick it is that we not only watch people date on television, but become so obsessed with the intimate detail of someone else’s life. I mean, I wouldn’t want someone watching me date a guy on TV, let alone fall in love and face the difficult yet inevitable trials and questions that form around new relationships.

However, I just can’t stop watching this show. I get way too obsessed with it (almost as obsessed as I got with Degrassi back in 2011…). But, like many of the women I work with at work declared about shamelessly watching the series, we just can’t help it.

Maybe it’s because it has to do with love or because it features a totally cute Texas native. For whatever reason, this show is on my list every week and I will probably never miss an episode.


Words of the Week: Gossip Girl Inspired

Gossip Girl is not only a fabulous show but it is now over for good, as the series finale aired a few weeks ago.I’ve been loving GG since middle school when reading the books and then fell in love with the show when it began (although I haven’t watched the final season yet).

Besides being a dramatic, juicy, and scandalous show, it is also filled with great quotes.

Here are some of my favorites:




I love the first quote, as champagne is probably my favorite beverage ever, besides coffee.

With that said, I can’t help but totally agree with the Gossip Girl state of mind that says champagne and mimosas are always appropriate.

Something about champagne and mimosas makes them fun and celebratory no matter when you’re having them.

Whether the situation is good or bad, champagne can make anything better.

Next, the second quotes is one of my favorites ever. It reminds me so well that there are so many times where life gets too crazy and you simply have to step outside. There are so many days where I am so caught up in the madness that I begin to lose site of who I am and where I want to be going.

Finally, the last quote is perfect. When you find something you truly love – whether it be a person or a thing – you should never, ever, ever give up on it.

Blair Waldorf has the best advice, in my opinion.