Preppy Product: Lolo Mini Avery Cases

I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs, Chicago Prepster. I saw a super cute post about an adorable product from Country Club Prep.


The Lolo Mini Avery Cases are irresistible! And not only are they beyond cute, they look so durable and easy to carry around everywhere. They will probably last forever, which is a good thing – because who would ever want to part with them?

The simple style of them with the bright colors and big graphic is so awesome. They’re also really affordably priced. These would make great summer gifts with a few nail polishes inside of them!

Check out the full collection here.


Paper, Please!: Hot off the Press

If you don’t already love Lifeguard Press, you will after reading this post.

LP is a great site for stationery and an even better site for gifts. Gifts that I call “Odds and Ends” gifts. Like…when you’re not sure what to get someone. Or…when you have a gift but want to add a little something more.

They carry great brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler. The stuff is all super cute. What else could you ask for?

Here are some of my favorite LP pieces right now:


Lilly Planner | Lilly Notecard Set | Jonathan Adler Notecard Set | Susan Wallace Barnes Note Cube | Dylan’s Candy Bar Eraser

What are your favorites?

Preppy Product: J.Crew Chino Shorts

Summer is here and it’s shorts season! Hip hip hooray!

I have an addiction to shorts. A big one. I have an unspeakable number of shorts in my drawers…it’s kind of a problem.

Anyways, my favorite shorts come from J. Crew, hands down. They’ve been my favorite for a while. They fit great, are great quality, and best of all – come in a ton of colors and patterns. They’re all-around perfect.

Here are some of my factory favorites this season:


Chinos | Oxford Chino Short | Dotted Chambray Short | Scalloped Eyelet Short | Seersucker Short | Summer Plaid Short

What are your favorite summer shorts?

Watermelon Crawl: Pink and Green

What could be more preppy than the color combination of pink and green? I’m gonna go with…just about nothing.

Not only is pink and green the epitome of preppy, though, it’s also super adorable. And great for summer. And, pretty much, every other time of the year.

That being said, there are tons of great pink and green products out there right now just waiting to be purchased, used, worn, and shown off.

Here are some of my favorites:

pink and green

Flatiron Nylon Maryanne | Cora Dress | Double Wrap Bracelet | Woven Chevron Pillow | Ahoy Matey Maybook | Custom Jacks | Oxford Chino Shorts | Tiny Bits Clutch | Daisy Daisy Bracelet

Keep in mind this is a great color combo not only to use in clothes and accessories, but also when it comes to decorating, buying stationery, wrapping a gift, and so on. You can never go wrong with a little pink and green!

Paper, Please!: Express Yourself

I love, love, LOVE stationery. Everything about it. I’m kind of a stationery collector.

And, one of the first sites I ever ordered personalized stationery off of was Expressionery.

This is a fabulous site (which actually just got redone! And looks great, might I add). They are all around wonderful. They have great stuff, great prices, great sales, and all-around awesome products. You get a lot for what you pay for – they give you tons of whatever you order, which is great.

They have items in almost every style you want – from simple to preppy to floral to whimsical.

They also have tons of different things – from folded notes to address labels to personalized calendars and journals.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, you’re bound to find something you like on Expressionery.

Here are some of my favorite things from their current collections:

paper please

Personalized Journal |Fancy Floral Folded Notes | Bold Heart Folded Notes | Chef Recipe Cards | Damask Round Labels | Small Memo Pad | Brunch Address Labels

What do you think? Pretty cute, right!?

Preppy Product: Perfect Black Bags

I have a ton of bags. I mean a ton of them. In the past week, my collection has grown by like…three. I am kind of an addict.

And, with that said, I know better than anyone that every occasion requires a different bag. One of the most versatile bags are black ones, because they are sleek and tend to match with, well…everything.

Anyways, I have come across some perfect black bags that are the best for particular occasions. See them here:

The go-anywhere bag – This Kate Spade bag is perfect for running errands or dinner out. It’s small, adorable (I mean, it has a bow of sorts!) and is just convenient. The size is great, as are the inside pockets. The best part is the outside pocket which is perfect for your keys and iPhone.

go anywhere

The professional bag – This Longchamp is the best for interviews or work. It’s sleek, simple, fits a ton without being bulky, and is really cute! Definitely a no brainer for work. It is also very durable, as all Longchamps are, which means it will wear well no matter where you’re commuting to or working.


The light travel bag – this black Coach bag is timeless and spacey, great for a plane carry on, day trip, or even overnight when you don’t need tons of stuff. What a stylish way to tote your things!

light travel

What is your all time favorite black bag and what do you use it for?

Great Graduation Gifts

Graduation season and here and if you know a grad, guaranteed you are in the market for a gift!

Especially for college graduates, there are so many great gift options out there! Here are some of my favorite:

graduation gifts

Stella & Dot Charm Collection | Jack Rogers College Collection | Personalized Post-It Pack | Catherine Street Louise

No matter what you get your favorite graduate, they’ll definitely love it. Make it special and cute and something they’ll use. The above-mentioned options are great and somewhat generic, yet able to be personalized. Sure to please any graduate!

PS – that bag is the perfect “work” bag! Big enough to hold things, professional, yet still super cute! Love!