I love my dogs. My family has two little dachshunds that I miss terribly when I’m at school.

Their names are Riley and Bella and they have very different personalities.

Bella is older and is more…lazy. Riley is more energetic and playful. They’re both very cuddly though, which is so fun.

It’s so amazing, however, how happy my dogs get whenever I see them. Whether it’s coming home from school and I haven’t seen them or after just going to the store, they’re always so excited.

Recently I read a quote that said, “Only a dog will love you more than you love yourself”. That is so cute and so true. Dogs will love you unconditionally and always make you happy, even on the worst of days. Especially on bad days, I feel like dogs sense something is wrong and make an extra effort to be there for you.

Obviously I’m completely obsessed with my dogs because they’re cuddly, cute, and so sweet. My sister is even more obsessed with them, especially Riley.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my dogs:

warming up

taking a snooze

trying to come back to school with me

bath time!

wishing me a happy birthday!

just relaxing