Beauty Blitz: Back to Basics

As I’ve written about before, I am definitely not a big makeup wearer. And I’m definitely not good at doing makeup, at all. I have very limited skills.

That’s why, many days, I use many of the same products. Sometimes, when I’m just running around on errands, going to the library, or being kind of lazy, I just use basic products.

Here are my basic must-haves for getting ready on these lazy-days:


  1. Mascara – just plain black mascara to look like I have at least something on
  2. Bobby pins – necessary to tame my mane!
  3. Thin hair ties – again, necessary to tame my mane and pull my hair into some kind of acceptable style
  4. Chapstick – um, chapped lips are never acceptable, even on lazy days
  5. Vaseline – this actually has so many uses, from making your perfume last longer to combating dry skin to taming eyebrows. A beauty must!

What are the basic needs of your beauty routine when you’re dressing down?


Beauty Blitz: In the Pink

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to get dressed up in shades of pink for the day, and that doesn’t omit your makeup!

Check out these amazing products to complete your Heart Day look today!:


Smashbox Blush | Amazing Grace | Sephora Eyeshadow | Urban Decay Eyeshadow | Butter Nail Lacquer | Sephora Retractable Brush | Stila Color Balm | Dior Lip Gloss | Urban Decay Glitter Liner | OCC Colour Concentrate | Makeup Forever Eyeshadow | Coach Poppy Fragrance | Hand Food Hand Cream | Lavanila Deodorant



I have recently been writing for an awesome website called StyleQuirk.

It is so cool and they have a ton of articles on there about beauty, style, fashion, health, trends, lifestyle…and just about anything else you can think of!

I’ve written a bunch of articles for them so far and hope to write a lot more in the future. They are truly a great site for women to look at that tackles many different topics, ranging from something as silly as putting bacon on everything or something as serious as how to deal with an obese child.

I love the nature of this site’s writing and how conversational the tone of it is. The writers for SQ truly have a way with words and make reading their content fun! I also love the broad range of topics in one place rather than having to browse four different sites to find articles on things varying from DIY crafts to celebrity news to style columns to relationship advice.

Check out my latest articles here about my crazy food obsessions and the positives of sticking to a routine.

What do you think of this site? What are your favorite articles? What else would you like to see on there?


Preppy Product: Allie Clay

As you’ve probably realized by now, I’m obsessed with all things monogrammed.

That’s why when I discovered Allie Clay’s amazing products, I absolutely fell in love!

These product are not only super adorable though, they’re also completely handmade. They are clearly such great quality and the shop owner displays so much care and attention towards her work that it is truly inspiring! It makes me want to order from here over and over again!

I got a set of three monogrammed cosmetic cases and they are so adorable. From the color combination to the pattern to the inside lining – they are absolutely perfect! The bigger one is perfect to bring to the beach to put a wet bathing suit in and the others are great for traveling or just to stick in my purse when running out! Check two of the three of them out below:


I also am in love with the Greek option for these cosmetic bags! I love the girly polka dot pattern and the pattern on the bottom!

These are definitely very well made and completely adorable. I would recommend them as a great gift for a friend or for yourself! I will certainly be ordering from here again and using these cosmetic cases for years to come!


Beauty Blitz: All that Glitters

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, it is time to glam it up with some sparkles.

Glittery beauty products are such a fun accessory that can really tie together an outfit.

I love wearing sparkles with black, especially around the holiday time.

One thing about this look is that you have to be careful – sometimes with glitter, it’s best to go by the “less is more” state of mind.

For instance, glittery nails are a great accent to an outfit in order to glam it up. I love this blog post on how to rock a glitter manicure. But, be warned! Glitter nail polish is often very hard to take off. With that said, use it sparingly or opt for a partial glitter look with one glittered nail on each hand or glitter at the top in French-manicure like fashion.

Glittery eyeshadow is another fun way to dress up an outfit this NYE. I love the gold Urban Decay shadows or the MAC glittery pigment tubes. Also, the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush eye shadows come in subtle sparkles that are so pretty and easy to apply.

Finally, lip gloss is a great way to go if you’re looking for some flash. I love all the Sephora glosses as well as MAC Lip Glass.

If you want to glam it up with some sparkly accessories or shoes, that’s another great way to go! Look for some sparkly heels or a glittery headband and you’re sure to look super chic. I love the Moonlit Soiree bag from Kate Spade that is currently on sale…it’s a great way to add a glitter accent to any outfit!

Rock your glitter with class this holiday season!

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 3.24.55 PM