Craft Craze: Ribbon Wreath for the 4th

In honor of the Fourth of July, I did a really fun craft over the past week.

I found it on Pinterest (obviously!) and it was super easy and very, very cute. Although mine did not come out exactly like the one on The Suburban Mom, it was still a success. All in all, I was happy with it. The directions were very clear and this was a cute and simple idea.

This was a Fourth of July wreath. (In case you’ve never noticed, I’m really into wreaths)


It was made with a styrofoam wreath and ribbon. That’s it! So simple.

I love that this is a really great craft to know because you can change it to customize it to almost any holiday or occasion. For instance, if you know someone having a baby, you can make them a pink or blue one or something like that. All you need to do is find cute ribbon and there you go! The other best thing about it is that you can keep it forever and use it year after year.

I really like the one on this site, how it’s set up like an American flag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ribbon I was looking for (we have only Walmart here for craft supplies, which is annoying. Thankfully a Michael’s is opening soon!). So, I improvised.

All in all, this was a really fun craft! I highly recommend trying it for any holiday!

Thanks, Suburban Mom!


Happy May!

Rabbit rabbit! Happy May!

It’s May and with that comes so many exciting things. It is also a time of a lot of change (and in a way, anxiety) for me. But, I am also looking forward to so many thing in this awesome month. Here is what I’m most excited for:


  1. Graduation! – so bittersweet, but definitely something to be celebrated!
  2. Being home – love my home, my family, the people that being home means I get to be with, and the memories made here. So, so excited for this!
  3. Summer apparel – goodbye jackets, scarves, and moccasins…hello Lilly, Jacks, and seer sucker!
  4. Enjoying the season – beautiful weather, beautiful flower, time on the boat under the sun…a tan on my skin. What’s not to love?
  5. Memorial Day – a great holiday filled with barbecues, American Flag baked goods (made by me!), friends, family, lots of fun, and all things America. In a word: perfect.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let’s make it a great one!

Baking Bonanza: French Toast Bake

This post is so overdue. Like, I meant to put it up nearly a month ago! It’s so crazy how fast time has been flying.

Anyways, for Easter I tried a new recipe. It was one of those make the night before ones and bake in the morning breakfast dishes. This one was a cinnamon french toast bake.

I have to say it was super easy and came out decently well! The next time I make it, I will definitely bake it longer and alter the amount of ingredients slightly. But besides that, it was a good pick!


I have a ton of those breakfast dishes that you make the night before pinned to my Baking board that I want to try. Have you tried any of them? Which are your favorites?

Happy Siblings Day!

Happy siblings day!

I am so lucky to have an amazing sibling that I am thankful for every day. Brothers and sisters are such an incredible gift and on this special day, you should take time to tell them you love them and how much you mean to you.


In honor of my amazing sibling, here is a letter to her about how special she is to me:

Dear Kimberly,

When you were born I remember knowing how to spell your name before you even came home from the hospital, even at the age of three. I knew I was getting a sister, but I didn’t realize I was getting a lifelong best friend (even though I’m sure dad told me many times!).

We’ve gone through a million and ten things together. We’ve gone on many family vacations (and competed in many lucky dice games). We’ve had a countless number of silly hours. We’ve driven mom crazy (on purpose and accidentally). We’ve played baby and the baby game (and are perhaps the only people in the world that know the difference between the two). We’ve had our fair share of little fights (me crying on the phone because I want the car). We’ve said I’m sorry and we always end phone calls with ‘I love you’. We’ve shared a bed, clothes, makeup, shoes, stories, drinks, and too many laughs to count. We’ve been sent to our rooms and played some great pranks on dad (more to come). When you think about it, we’ve done a lot of really cool things. Unforgettable things.

You are my biggest supporter, my best secret keeper, my favorite person to laugh with, the person who is always there to comfort me through my tears (which are a lot!). You tell me when I’m being crazy and aren’t afraid to give me my sometimes much needed reality checks. You never cease to make me laugh like a wild animal in a public place while I’m on the phone with you and no matter how busy you are, you always make time for me. You are my best support system and most definitely a role model. You sometimes drive me crazy, but you’re someone I could never live without.

I’m so lucky to have such a great sister and best friend, all rolled into one sassy, amazing, unlike-any-other girl. I can only hope that one (far away) day my own children have siblings as great as I had and have in you (I know for sure they will have an awesome Aunt).

I love you and am so proud of the person you are turning out to be! I can’t wait for all of our adventures to come.


Happy siblings day, Kim!

I hope everyone gives their brother(s) or sister(s) so extra love today! Check out this amazing letter about sisters that brought (and still does bring me) to tears when I read it.

Craft Craze: Easter & Lilly

Last week, I did a really fun Easter craft. I’d found the idea on Pinterest and it came out so adorably! I mean, Lilly Pulitzer and Easter are practically made for each other!

I won’t go through the instructions, you can look at them here. I have to say that this was a simple and really cheap craft that turned out really well. I mean, it looks so cute! Here are some pics of the process and the final product:




Cute, right?! I can’t wait to hang this up when I get home for Easter.

A few tips when you’re doing this, though:

Make sure to put down newspaper. The mod podge has a way of getting…everywhere. Also, try not to goop it on too much because you want it to dry clear and smooth. I would start with a lot on the brush, dab some of it off onto excess newspaper, and then start spreading it around. First, I put a coat of mod podge on the egg, then put on the paper, then a thin coat of mod podge on top. That seemed to work well! Additionally, I tried to do half the egg, let it dry, then did the other half, working on other eggs in the meantime.

You can use bigger eggs or the small size like I did. They’re both cute! Also, I would get a thicker ribbon than I used.

Happy crafting!

Monday Getaway: Home for Easter

I can’t wait for this week to pass so I can get home! My sister will be home and I feel like I haven’t seen her in forever!

Also, it’s Easter weekend and I’m going to bake so many delicious goodies. I can’t wait to try new recipes and also make some oldies but goodies, too!

I just love being home with my family and dogs, doing whatever I want. I plan on getting really ahead on work this week so I can just enjoy my time at home. Yay!

me and my sister on easter quite some time ago!

me and my sister on easter quite some time ago!

Post Valentine’s Celebrations

So Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be.

Even if you don’t have a Valentine per-say, this is a great time to hang out with your girls and do something fun.

Here are some really fun things to do to celebrate Heart Day with your best friends:

  1. Cook something! – cook together or have a pot luck at one of your apartments, making one fantastic meal for everyone to enjoy with a glass of wine. There are tons of fun meal ideas on Pinterest to try!
  2. Have a glam night – get dolled up in “going out” outfits, your heels, and sparkly make out, hit a bar or a club, dance, and have a great, carefree time! What could be better than dancing with your girls?
  3. Spa day – treat yourselves to a spa day! Get facials, massages, and gossip in the sauna for a relaxing and fun time.
  4. Have a fondue/dessert night – set up fondue, get lots of great stuff to dip, play board games, and have a night full of sweet treats. Isn’t Valentine’s Day meant for chocolate?
  5. Have a movie night – pop the popcorn and get out the Diet Cokes, it’s time for a movie night! Watch your favorite love flicks like The Notebook or go old school with some Mary Kate and Ashley films! It will have you laughing and crying.

Whatever you do, make sure to celebrate with your friends! Enjoy the last of this Valentine’s season whether you love it or hate it and make it a night (or day) to remember.