Craft Craze: Ribbon Wreath for the 4th

In honor of the Fourth of July, I did a really fun craft over the past week.

I found it on Pinterest (obviously!) and it was super easy and very, very cute. Although mine did not come out exactly like the one on The Suburban Mom, it was still a success. All in all, I was happy with it. The directions were very clear and this was a cute and simple idea.

This was a Fourth of July wreath. (In case you’ve never noticed, I’m really into wreaths)


It was made with a styrofoam wreath and ribbon. That’s it! So simple.

I love that this is a really great craft to know because you can change it to customize it to almost any holiday or occasion. For instance, if you know someone having a baby, you can make them a pink or blue one or something like that. All you need to do is find cute ribbon and there you go! The other best thing about it is that you can keep it forever and use it year after year.

I really like the one on this site, how it’s set up like an American flag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ribbon I was looking for (we have only Walmart here for craft supplies, which is annoying. Thankfully a Michael’s is opening soon!). So, I improvised.

All in all, this was a really fun craft! I highly recommend trying it for any holiday!

Thanks, Suburban Mom!


Watermelon Crawl: Pink and Green

What could be more preppy than the color combination of pink and green? I’m gonna go with…just about nothing.

Not only is pink and green the epitome of preppy, though, it’s also super adorable. And great for summer. And, pretty much, every other time of the year.

That being said, there are tons of great pink and green products out there right now just waiting to be purchased, used, worn, and shown off.

Here are some of my favorites:

pink and green

Flatiron Nylon Maryanne | Cora Dress | Double Wrap Bracelet | Woven Chevron Pillow | Ahoy Matey Maybook | Custom Jacks | Oxford Chino Shorts | Tiny Bits Clutch | Daisy Daisy Bracelet

Keep in mind this is a great color combo not only to use in clothes and accessories, but also when it comes to decorating, buying stationery, wrapping a gift, and so on. You can never go wrong with a little pink and green!

Dream Home: Chevron

Since graduation is coming, and by extension that means beginning to become a real person is starting (wait, what!?), I am obsessed with looking at what I like to call, “someday houses”. I definitely will not have houses anywhere like this in the near future, but it’s totally something to work towards!

This “dream house” post is different than others where I focused on specific rooms. This one, instead, is all about accents. And the accent that I’m currently loving in chevron.

I never knew you could do so much awesome stuff with chevron in your house. For me, it’s always been more of a fashion and accessory design. But, thanks to Pinterest, I now know how great it is for your home design and decor.

Check out these awesome chevron inspired home decorations and design features:






Which do you like best? Isn’t this something so cool and new?

Craft Craze: Mod Podge Obsessed

Lately I am totally obsessed with mod podging! I don’t know why. I’ve always loved crafting, so I guess it’s natural.

There are so many fun mod podge crafts on Pinterest. I already showed you my Lilly Easter wreath, which I think is really cute (and it was really fun to make!).

But here are some other really cool Pinterest inspired mod podge crafts:


See the directions here.


A cute and easy gift for any occasion!


A great home accent!

Fun, right?! I can’t wait to try more of these over the summer!

As Seen on Pinterest: The Elephant in the Room

Every once and a while on Pinterest, the same animals keep popping up – kind of in waves. Sometimes it will be pigs, other times frogs – it changes. I mean, dogs are obviously always popular on there and I’m constantly pinning cute dog pictures. But other than that, there are all different types of animals. I remember once I was seeing so many raccoon pictures (which I thought was relay weird) and lately I’ve also noticed many deer pins.

But I’ve noticed on my personal boards many elephant pins.

I know, this seems really random, but elephants are actually really cool and have generated cute patterns, pins, and crafts! Check them out!


Love this bathing suit top!:


These pillows are super cute and unique:



Love these! Made out of scrapbook paper:


It’s a minky elephant!:


Baked goods:

How cute are these elephant cookies?



Love this elephant pattern! Pretty in pink!:


A beautiful resort…the white ELEPHANT!:

Nantucket Resort

What animals are you always pinning?

Preppy Product: Sarah Anthea Designs

I recently received one of the cutest decorations for my room. It is a combination of Lilly and a monogram…so it’s basically perfection! I mean, what could be better. Here it is:


It’s a hand painted canvas with a ribbon bow at the top. I currently have it hanging above my bed in my dorm room and it looks great. It came from Sarah Anthea Designs, which is a beyond amazing shop!

All of these items are handmade and completely gorgeous. The colors of these products are so vibrant and they represent Lilly Pulitzer beautifully. Everything about these products, down to the ribbon bow, is absolute perfection. Also, these products are at awesome price points so that everyone can afford some gorgeous decor!

Check out some more of the shop’s products:



Another awesome thing about this shop is that these canvases can be personalized in any way, with a monogram, single initial, or even Greek letters. Also, customers can choose different patterns not shown on the shop site, simply contact the shop owner through her Etsy inbox or email her at

The shop owner is currently working on expanding her selection, adding coolers, personalized wine glasses, frames, and larger canvases. I can’t wait to see all of her new products, I’m sure they’ll be just as amazing as the stuff she already offers!

If you are interested in shopping at Sarah Anthea Designs (who wouldn’t be?!) my readers can use discount code PrepBlog20 until April 1, 2013 (purchase must be at least $15). Happy shopping!