How To Give the Best Ever Gifts

It seems like summer time is filled with so many occasions. There are graduations. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Congratulations in order and just because kind of deals.

And I have to say, I love giving gifts. It’s so cliche, but I love giving gifts way, way more than I love getting them. There is just something about making others happy that makes me super, super happy.

Anyways, there are tons of times where it’s so hard to figure out what to get someone for their special occasion. Of course, you want to get them something they’ll love and that they’ll use. And it can be difficult. But, I have tons of tricks of how to find the perfect present. I’m willing to share them…just look below:


How to Give the Best Ever Gifts:

  1. Keep lists – when you’re looking for something for someone, you’ll probably never find it. That’s especially true with gift ideas. That’s why, whenever I see something that I think would be great for one particular person, I put it in an Excel document labeled “gift ideas”. Each important person in my life has their own sheet with gift ideas dedicated to them. Also, I have a “Misc” sheet for random people that don’t particularly yield their own sheet. I’ve only been using this document for a few months but it has been so useful and I highly recommend this small organizational tool.
  2. Make it a pair – more than anything, I hate giving people gift cards. I just feel like it’s so impersonal. But, sometimes they really are the best route because you know the recipient will most-definitely get use out of them. That being said, if you don’t really want to get someone a gift card but feel like it’s the best direction to go in – get the gift card and something small and cute. For instance, get them a gift card to their favorite store and a few small accessories from the same place that you think they’ll love. That way, it doesn’t feel so blah.
  3. Do a kit – It can be so fun to give a gift with a little theme. For instance, if you know someone has a hectic life, you might want to send them a “relaxation kit” for their big day. Include things like bubble bath, wine, chocolate, a good-smelling candle, and so on. This shows that you’re putting something together with a lot of thought that they will definitely be ready to use!
  4. Ask around – if you’re not exactly sure what to get someone, ask for help! Chances are they’ve mentioned to someone else something or other they’d love, and if you don’t ask you won’t know. It’s always good to ask for help in order to make your gift a big success.
  5. Make something – I always love baking homemade birthday cakes for the people I love. I always make their favorite and try my best to decorate it really cute. I think they really appreciate it and it’s such a nice gesture to show someone you took the time to do that for them. Sometimes that effort is more than enough to make their day!

What are your best gift giving secrets?! I’d love to hear them!


3 thoughts on “How To Give the Best Ever Gifts

  1. The excel file is a great tip! I think I might have to replace my thousand-post-it-notes-everywhere system with that. Haha and I’m definitely a sucker for cute presentation: a nice big bow, some glitter, the perfect card, it all really helps to bring the entire gift together and make it more special!

    Keep up the great work,

    J. Parker

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