In Case of an Emergency: Car Kit

When you’re zipping around town (or wherever) in your car, you never know what could happen. You could break down, the weather could change, the day could be longer than expected…who knows!?

That’s why you definitely need to pack an emergency car kit to keep with you at all times. You don’t need to have a ton in there, just a few essential things to keep yourself safe in the case of an emergency.

A great way to store these emergency items is in one of these Lilly Pulitzer storage bins. Cute and useful!

Here’s what to include in your kit:

car kit

An umbrella – you never know when the weather will change. Even if it’s not raining when you head out, the skies could open. I feel as though lately I’ve been getting caught in the rain again and again…and it is not fun. For that reason, I think it’s important to have an umbrella in your car at all times. That way, even if it rains unexpectedly, you’re covered.

A box of granola bars – you never know when you’ll get held up somewhere, whether it be because you’re stuck in traffic or some other reason. In order to avoid serious hunger, keep a snack in your kit. A box of simple granola bars will do for something quick and on the go. Make sure not to pick something that will spoil or melt.

Napkins – I don’t know how anyone’s car has no napkins in it! Whether you use them for blowing your nose or cleaning up a spill – they’re a must.

A sweatshirt or extra jacket – just incase your car ever breaks down in the cold, you never want to put yourself in a situation where you’ll get dangerously cold. Keep an old sweatshirt in your car just incase you ever need to warm up, for any reason.

A car phone charger – you never know when your phone will go dead! You don’t want to be without any way of contacting your family and friends in the case of an emergency, so be sure to have a car charger.

Extra cash – you never know when you might need emergency cash, so keep a reasonable (but not large) amount in your kit. Somewhere around $40 is probably a safe amount.

What emergency items do you keep in your car that you’ve found most useful?


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