Preppy Product: Perfect Black Bags

I have a ton of bags. I mean a ton of them. In the past week, my collection has grown by like…three. I am kind of an addict.

And, with that said, I know better than anyone that every occasion requires a different bag. One of the most versatile bags are black ones, because they are sleek and tend to match with, well…everything.

Anyways, I have come across some perfect black bags that are the best for particular occasions. See them here:

The go-anywhere bag – This Kate Spade bag is perfect for running errands or dinner out. It’s small, adorable (I mean, it has a bow of sorts!) and is just convenient. The size is great, as are the inside pockets. The best part is the outside pocket which is perfect for your keys and iPhone.

go anywhere

The professional bag – This Longchamp is the best for interviews or work. It’s sleek, simple, fits a ton without being bulky, and is really cute! Definitely a no brainer for work. It is also very durable, as all Longchamps are, which means it will wear well no matter where you’re commuting to or working.


The light travel bag – this black Coach bag is timeless and spacey, great for a plane carry on, day trip, or even overnight when you don’t need tons of stuff. What a stylish way to tote your things!

light travel

What is your all time favorite black bag and what do you use it for?


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