A Guide to Dorm Packing

It’s the end of the semester and that means it’s time to pack up our dorms and move out. Ugh. Packing up my dorm has never been one of my favorite tasks. Not even close. It’s actually a super annoying one because I always have so. much. stuff.
But, there are ways to make this move more bearable, belive it or not. Just follow these steps and make your dorm move-out a lot less…stressful:
1. Start as soon as possible – if you live close enough, start your dorm move out as soon as possible. I’m lucky to be close and my mom has already come and gotten a bunch of my stuff. I sent home a lot of things I no longer need here, such as extra school supplies, extra linens, winter clothing, and winter shoes. This will make my move out a lot easier as so much of that unnecessary stuff is already home. If you are able to do this, I highly recommend it.
2. Categorize things into bins – thank goodness for those big bins during college moves. Seriously, though! I like to put everything of one category into a bin, label it, and send it home thatway. For instance, I put all my school supplies into a bin, and then, when I get home and unpack it, it’s not like I’m sorting through a mod podge of anything and everything. It just makes things a million times easier for unpacking!
3. Make a list – Make a list of everything you have in your dorm to start. Then, take that list and use it to make a list of categories, placing items into broad categories that can help you separate things to pack. This will make life easier and this way, you won’t find yourself sealing up what you think is a completed bin, only later to find yourself saying “woops! I forgot about this…”..
4. Consolidate – try to consolidate things as much as you possibly can. This is definitely difficult at times, but still possible with certain items. If you have two half full baskets of toiletries and bathroom supplies, consolidate them into one just to save precious room in the car! It doesn’t seem like much but it definitely helps.
5. Be neat – instead of just throwing stuff into bins (like I know we all want to) be as neat as possible during move out. Pack things in an organized and precise manner that will make your life easier when you get home and face the monster job of unpacking.
I totally get that this is one of the most annoying parts of the college process. It’s hot, bins and bags are heavy, and if you’re anything like me, despite your greatest efforts you’ve acquired more stuff than any one person should ever own in their entire lifetime. But follow these tips, do your best, and be organized for the smoothest move out possible.

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