Books on my Shelf: Don’t Go

I’ve definitely blogged before about Lisa scottoline books and how much I love them. She’s definitely one of my favorite authors. And that’s why I have been so excited to blog about her latest book Don’t Go.

don't go
My mom gave me this book last week and I started it that night, woke up, and finished it the next morning. It was so, so good.
In this novel, she writes such a compelling story. One of the things I loved most about it was how different it’s been from her previous recent novels. I mean, it was similar in the sense that the story draws you in insanely, but different because of the characters and they’re unique situations. I especially loved that the point of view m a male perspective.
This book made me realize, once again, that scottoline is such a versatile
Writer. She writes her novels in so
Many different tones and styles, all of which are interesting in their own way. As a writer, that’s a huge talent.
I definitely recommend Don’t Go as a must read.


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