5 Ways to Get Outside

Spring has sprung! It’s time to get outside and enjoy every minute of the perfect, sunny, crisp, cool, gorgeous weather!

Sometimes we need an excuse to get outside, and I totally get that. Here are five perfect ways to get outside and soak up the sun:

  1. Take a walk – walking relieves stress, burns fat, relaxes your mind, and…added bonus!…gets you outdoors! Go for it!
  2. Read – I love, love, love to read outside! Go outside with a great book and totally relax in the sun. This is probably the best outdoor activity!
  3. BBQ – what’s better than throwing a barbecue for you and your friends? Food, drinks, and time outside…what’s not to love?!
  4. Go for a hike – going on a hike is great exercise and also a perfect way to take your workout outdoors. You can also work out outside by going from a run or doing yoga in your yard or on your porch.
  5. Head to the beach – even though it may not be warm enough yet for a full-on beach day, you can still head down there for a picnic or take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

It’s always good to break out of the indoors after a long winter and enjoy the change in seasons. Put on your flip flops and sunnies and enjoy the beautiful spring as much as you can!



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