Dream Home: Chevron

Since graduation is coming, and by extension that means beginning to become a real person is starting (wait, what!?), I am obsessed with looking at what I like to call, “someday houses”. I definitely will not have houses anywhere like this in the near future, but it’s totally something to work towards!

This “dream house” post is different than others where I focused on specific rooms. This one, instead, is all about accents. And the accent that I’m currently loving in chevron.

I never knew you could do so much awesome stuff with chevron in your house. For me, it’s always been more of a fashion and accessory design. But, thanks to Pinterest, I now know how great it is for your home design and decor.

Check out these awesome chevron inspired home decorations and design features:






Which do you like best? Isn’t this something so cool and new?


One thought on “Dream Home: Chevron

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