Champagne Cocktails

This weekend, I am planning on celebrating a lot. Celebrating the end of senior year, good friends, great times at Quinnipiac, four years of accomplishments, failures, triumphs, met goals and future ones set. It is a big weekend here at QU – the last big one, really – and definitely one worth enjoying.

And, what’s a celebration without champagne? A lot of it. As you’ve probably figured out about me, I love some bubbly. It’s my favorite (adult) beverage and I can’t wait to indulge this weekend.

In preparation, and for your drinking pleasure, I’ve put together a guide of some yummy champagne drinks. I think it definitely goes well by itself, but making cocktails is super fun and deviantly delicious. Check out my recommendations:

Here are links to the recipes (also to be found on my Champagne Pinterest board!):


Classic Mimosa |Honeydew Mimosa | Champagne Punch |Pomosa | Champagne Pink Lemonade

What’s your favorite champagne cocktail? I’d love to try something new!


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