Beauty Blitz: Weekend Look

This weekend I’m so looking forward to celebrating, having fun, and of course…looking cute while doing it!

I put together what I consider to be the perfect look for this weekend:

weekend look

Cassie Dress | Jack Rogers Navajo | JPK Bucket Bag | Flower Drop Earrings | Oversized Sunglasses | Strawberry Macaroon Eyeshadow | Field of Flowers Peony Blossom | Pearl Mint Shimmer Tint | Falsies Mascara

A cute, light and simple dress (maybe throw in a cardigan or jean jacket if it’s cold!), light jewelry, an easy to carry yet adorable bag, stylish and comfy shoes, and very simple makeup.

Since it’s during the day, I think the simple makeup is pretty key! Light eyeshadow and mascara (nothing too glittery, more matte), some faint lip gloss (don’t forget chapstick underneath for moisture!) and, of course, a delightfully daytime perfume. Remember this look has to last all day, so you don’t want to do anything crazy that is going to start out looking good but fade and change as the day goes on, making it look..well, a mess.



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