Finals Week Planning

Finals are approaching so quickly. It’s crazy (and totally overwhelming for so, so many reasons)!

Anyways, since we can now see finals on the horizon bur not quite here yet, it’s the perfect time to start preparing.

You might think it’s too early to effectively start prepping, but here are tips on how to alleviate finals week anxiety and stress starting now:

  1. Go to professors’ office hours – reaching out to your professors now before they get crazed with finals questions is the perfect way to get a head start. Ask your professors about class material, your grade, the format of your final exam, or review studying techniques. Don’y be afraid to go to them! Just this past week I asked on of my professors to put up the final review and she was more than happy to do it. Your professors are there to help you and by going to them it will show that you are organized and making a large effort.
  2. Prioritize and schedule – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – prioritize and schedule! To do this, take a blank sheet of paper and list all of your classes, leaving space in between. Then, fill in all assignments/exams you have left for the semester in each class, including dates. Write the most urgent stuff in one color, the next level of importance in another, and the more minor stuff in another. Then, highlight the most time consuming assignments in one color, the next time consuming in another, and so on. Then, you have an easy matching system. This makes it easy to know and see what needs to be done first and what can wait. After you do this, make a schedule for yourself. Hang these both up somewhere you’ll frequently see them so it stays on your mind and you stay motivated. Take a look at my examples (below). From them, you will see what is most important and what will take the most time via the font color/highlighting matching system. That dictates how my schedule goes and makes me understand the order I am working in better.
  3. Chip away at things – now that you have your schedule set, you can begin slowly chipping away at work rather than having to do an overwhelming amount in a few days or a week. One example of this is that I find useful for is studying for big exams. I like to make my study guides way in advanced.That way, I can start reading it casually each day. I read over it (or sections of it) between classes and before bed. That way, when I go to actually study for the exam a few days before I have already made my study guide and am very familiar with the material, making studying 100 times easier. Chipping away at things little by little makes things so much easier and less stressful.
  4. Do what’s hard now – I always say “Do what’s hard while things are easy”. This applies perfectly to this situation. Why not work on the hard stuff before the rush of finals week so it’s out of the way?!
  5. Leave yourself some wiggle room – when you’re doing things in advanced, making your work and study schedules, and planning ahead for finals, be sure to leave yourself wiggle room. The advantage to doing things ahead of time is that you get to do this! Because you’re planning ahead, you have a ton of time if something comes up, you get distracted, or if you take extra time on one or two particular things. Always allot extra time and don’t be too harsh on yourself if you get off track – that’s why you’re doing things in advance!

My matching examples:



Finals might seem far away, but manage your time wisely from now until then. This way, you can enjoy the last week of school instead of stressing out in a major way.


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