Books on my Shelf: Series I Wish Contintued

I love reading and I love finding a good series. I get so addicted to them! Seriously, though. I stalk release dates and after I finally get the book, practically lock myself in my room so I can read it cover to cover.

But all series must come to an end. That’s the sad part. I have seen many of my favorite series end. It’s depressing!


Some series I can live without, but some I desperately wish would make a comeback. Here they are:

  1. The Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty – I love these books! The main character was so cool and I loved reading about her life. McCafferty wrote about J. Darling with such humor and ease that I would have read fifty more books in the series.
  2. Harry Potter – I mean…duh. I don’t even need to say anything.
  3. Private by Kate Brian – this is probably my favorite series ever. I was creepily obsessed with it. It was kind of the first PLL for me. It’s just so scandalous. I would have read that young adult series for literally ever.
  4. Stolarz Series – I have blogged about these book a lot because they’re so good. So suspenseful and creepy (in the best way!). I would have loved a few more of these.
  5. Gossip Girl – I was such a GG junkie back in the day. Yes, I love the show, but the books were my first love. It would be so fun to read what adult S and B are up to in the book version now!

I know there will be series to come that I’ll love. But, I’ll always miss these.

What are your favorite current series that I should read? Which do you miss the most?


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