How to Multitask Efficiently

I feel like I always have a million and ten things to do. Life always seems to be crazy.

But, I like ti that way. I like being busy and I love/need to be doing one million things at one.

It’s weird, a blessing (and a curse) but I always feel the need to be doing something. I can rarely just watch TV or just sit without getting something done.

Fro that reason, Ive become a master at multi-tasking.

multi task

It’s a hard skill that many people are convinced they cannot attain. I think that’s crazy! It is totally possible to learn this skill gradually over time. Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Pair something annoying withs something fun – this is a great way to do something you want and do something you have to do simultaneously. For example, I like to paint my nails and read any online readings necessary for my classes at the same time. This way, I’m doing work and utilizing the time my nails need to dry to be productive.
  2. Do two easy things at once – when multitasking, you don’t want to do two difficult things at once because it just never works out. Instead, pair up easy tasks to ensure they’re both manageable.
  3. Don’t do too much – never try to do too much while multitasking. My rule of thumb is generally two things at once, with an absolute max of three. Otherwise you end up feeling so overwhelmed and getting nothing done, defeating the whole purpose.
  4. Do something with a time constraint – this is one of my favorite ways to multitask and, in my opinion, one of the most effective. Let me give you an example: baking cookies. Pop the cookies in the oven for, say, 18 minutes, and set a goal for yourself. Say: “By the time the timer goes off I’m going to have taken a shower and straightened out my room.” This sounds silly, but it really works! It motivates you to speed things up and get things done.
  5. Don’t do it all the time – everyone deserves a break, right?! Remember that you don’t need to multitask all the time. All things in moderation! Take time to slow down and avoid being constantly rushed and overwhelmed.

See, it’s easy, right?! Keep your goals in mind and do your best to be an efficient multitasker.


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