Paper, Please!: Many Thanks

I consider thank you cards to be very important. Like, seriously! I send them out whenever someone does something for me or gives me a gift. I send them out within a week after my birthday or Christmas. Yeah, I’m pretty OCD about them.

I value politeness. A lot. I can’t stand rudeness. In any capacity.

This is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about thank you’s.

Another reason though is because I feel so very happy and appreciated when I get one from someone else. It’s so nice to know someone is reaching out to you simply to say thanks.

After all, who doesn’t love getting mail?!

I have a long list of favorite stationery for thank you’s. Here are just some:


Vintage Marquis | Kaleidoscope | Magic Wand | Grow Happiness | Personal Petals | Classic Monogram

Cute, right?! There are a million picks out there that are so great, but these are some of my current favorites!

What are your favorite stationery picks to use when sending thank you’s?


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