Happy Siblings Day!

Happy siblings day!

I am so lucky to have an amazing sibling that I am thankful for every day. Brothers and sisters are such an incredible gift and on this special day, you should take time to tell them you love them and how much you mean to you.


In honor of my amazing sibling, here is a letter to her about how special she is to me:

Dear Kimberly,

When you were born I remember knowing how to spell your name before you even came home from the hospital, even at the age of three. I knew I was getting a sister, but I didn’t realize I was getting a lifelong best friend (even though I’m sure dad told me many times!).

We’ve gone through a million and ten things together. We’ve gone on many family vacations (and competed in many lucky dice games). We’ve had a countless number of silly hours. We’ve driven mom crazy (on purpose and accidentally). We’ve played baby and the baby game (and are perhaps the only people in the world that know the difference between the two). We’ve had our fair share of little fights (me crying on the phone because I want the car). We’ve said I’m sorry and we always end phone calls with ‘I love you’. We’ve shared a bed, clothes, makeup, shoes, stories, drinks, and too many laughs to count. We’ve been sent to our rooms and played some great pranks on dad (more to come). When you think about it, we’ve done a lot of really cool things. Unforgettable things.

You are my biggest supporter, my best secret keeper, my favorite person to laugh with, the person who is always there to comfort me through my tears (which are a lot!). You tell me when I’m being crazy and aren’t afraid to give me my sometimes much needed reality checks. You never cease to make me laugh like a wild animal in a public place while I’m on the phone with you and no matter how busy you are, you always make time for me. You are my best support system and most definitely a role model. You sometimes drive me crazy, but you’re someone I could never live without.

I’m so lucky to have such a great sister and best friend, all rolled into one sassy, amazing, unlike-any-other girl. I can only hope that one (far away) day my own children have siblings as great as I had and have in you (I know for sure they will have an awesome Aunt).

I love you and am so proud of the person you are turning out to be! I can’t wait for all of our adventures to come.


Happy siblings day, Kim!

I hope everyone gives their brother(s) or sister(s) so extra love today! Check out this amazing letter about sisters that brought (and still does bring me) to tears when I read it.

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