Keep it Classy

Everyone loves a fun night out, and I feel as though we can all name a night or two where we were, for lack of a better word, a hot mess.

I know I can, and let me tell you, I don’t look back on those nights very fondly.

Anyways, throughout college, I’ve come to learn that going out while remaining classy is not, in any way, impossible.

This is a good thing!


No one wants to get the reputation around campus of being a slob-kabob, so follow these easy-peasy steps towards having fun and retaining your dignity:

  1. Plan – when you’re going out, pick out your outfit before you start drinking. This way, you know you’re wearing something cute but appropriate. After you’ve had a couple of drinks, you might begin thinking that too-short skirt in the back of your closet is the perfect wardrobe choice…
  2. Spacers – in order to keep yourself from getting entirely too drunk, but “spacers” between your cocktails. In between flutes of champagne, cups of cranvodka, or glasses of win, drink a cup of ice water. Not only does this help you avoid drinking too much, but it also eliminates the possibility of a bad hangover the next morning (can you say double win?!).
  3. Stay with friends – your friends have a way of keeping you in check, and you should should do the same for them. Sticking with your besties can help save everyone from serious embarrassment.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself – I’ll never understand why people try to act like a slob. In my opinion, it doesn’t make you look cool or more desirable, but just dumb. Anyways, I feel like girls should make a commitment or promise to themselves to keep it classy while out – as simple as that. Make the quality of your actions a priority.
  5. Learn from mistakes – Like I said, I’ve had nights before that I’m not exactly proud of. But, I’ve definitely learned form them. I’ve learned how I don’t want to act and how to prevent those actions. I’ve learned more about my values and much, much more about how I truly like to have fun. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in college. Learn from them and use them as a valuable lesson and guide.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and having fun. I love getting dressed up and drinking champagne with my friends. I just like staying classy while I do it.


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