Beauty Blitz: Formal Makeup

Tomorrow is my sorority formal and I’m really excited. I’m bringing my best friend and I know we’ll definitely have the best time (we always do!).

My dress is nothing super special. It’s short (I hate wearing gowns, they’re so hard to dance in!) and it’s a fuschia color. I don’t know how, but lately it seems like I’m always wearing a fuschia colored dress!

Anyways, makeup is very important when it comes to formal night. Here are some great picks for the special night!:


Sweet Heart by OPI | Laura Mercier Lip Glace | Radiant Creamy Concealer | Quickliner for Eyes | Duo Eyeshadow | bareMinerals Ready | All Nighter | Daisy | Colossal Volum’ Express

A few notes about these choices:

  1. I love the Sweet Heart nail color! My boyfriend actually bought me this for Christmas and it’s a perfect pale pink shade and it always looks nice and shiny and clean!
  2. I don’t really like getting designer mascara because I’ve read tons of articles that they are a complete waste. I just get my favorite from the drug store.
  3. The All Nighter spray is perfect for a night like this, because it helps your makeup last long!
  4. If you’re using foundation or powder, I highly suggest mixing in a tiny bit of corn starch. Yes, I said corn starch! I learned on Pinterest that this keeps it from getting shiny, and guess what?! It actually works! Awesome trick!
  5. I would also recommend one of those Camera Ready cosmetic products to make you look flawless in photos. Try this one by Smashbox.

What are your favorite makeup products for special events?


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