Beauty Blitz: Rub-a-Dub-Dub

Baths are so relaxing and a great way to refresh after a long week – on a physical and mental level!

A bath is a fun and easy way to relax and put your mind at ease. Here is everything you need for a perfect bath:


  1. Cooling eye mask – I love these eye masks! They are so relaxing and fun to wear and they make you feel rejuvenated.
  2. Champagne – I mean, what isn’t made better with champagne?
  3. Bath soak or salts – I really love this Eucalyptus Stress Relief bath soak! It smells so good and is supposed to be really great for relieving any tension and stress.
  4. Music – I love these little Lilly Pulitzer speakers that you can plug right into your iPhone to play some relaxing tunes!
  5. A good read – the bath is the perfect time for some light reading that you’re sure to enjoy! Nicholas Sparks books are perfect for the occasion!

What do you need for a relaxing bath?


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