Preppy Product: Tervis Tumblers

Ok so I am a BIG fan of Tervis Tumblers. They are just a perfect cup for on the go. I do have to say that I’m really weird about these and usually only like to drink of of them via a straw. But anyways, they’re the perfect on the go cup.

Whether you use them for hot or cold drinks, they keep your beverage to temperature. One of the best things about them, too, is that they don’t condensate! I also love how they come in so many sizes, have tops that fit them, and that you can also attach a handle to them to make them more “mug like”.

These tumblers come in an endless array of designs. So many of them are so super cute. You can get them with your monogram, with your sorority letters, for a sports team, for a holiday, for a school…the list goes on and on! Here are some really cute selections:


Monogrammed Tervis Tumblers | Vineyard Vines Tervis Tumbler | Snow Leopard Tervis Tumbler | Frog Tervis Tumbler | Beach Chair Tervis Tumbler | Sorority Tervis Tumbler | American Flag Tervis Tumbler | Santa Tervis Tumbler | Sport Team Tervis Tumbler

Wouldn’t it be great if Lilly Pulitzer paired with TT? I love the Vineyard Vines ones, but Lilly ones would be even better!

Which is your favorite? Do you use a TT? What’s your favorite to go cup?


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