Favorite Accessories

What are your favorite accessories?

I have a bunch! Accessories are one of my favorite things…ever. They’re so fun to buy, wear, and find. I use them almost every day and have an almost endless supply of them. It’s actually crazy how many purses I have stashed away in my closet, how many belts I have neatly rolled up in a bin, and how many different earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets fill up my jewelry box.

Although I have so many accessories, I definitely have my favorites. Here are some of the many:

  1. My Dogeared sister necklace – I love the Dogeared necklaces because they have a special meaning behind them. My sister and I exchanged the sister ones for Christmas a while ago. There are two hearts on there, one for each of us. So cute!
  2. Anything with a bow – whether it be a bracelet, and necklace, earrings, a bag, or a wristlet, I love anything with a bow! (But, you probably already know that by now)
  3. Cute nail polish – this is technically a beauty product, but I could it as an accessory because it helps me complete my look. I love Essie pinks the most and my nails are almost always painted.
  4. Longchamps – Longchamp bags are the easiest and most convenient bags ever! You can bring them anywhere, the sizes of them are all perfect, and they wear perfectly. I also love how many different colors there are to choose from. A perfect go-anywhere bag!
  5. Simple earrings – sometimes I wear bigger, dangly earrings but mostly I stick to simple studs like little pearls. A jewelry must that can go with almost any look!

What are your favorite accessories in your closet?!



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