A New Experience…

Last week I went to Florida (as I’ve mentioned before) and it just so happens I spent the week with my boyfriend there. I don’t blog too much about my relationship with him because…it’s private. I’m not sure I would like it if he was broadcasting stuff about our relationship, so I don’t feel right doing it to him.

Anyways, without going into a lot of detail, we spent an entire week together. This is the longest we’ve ever spent together at a time, by far. We have a long distance relationship so this was definitely a treat and something we were really excited for. In a way, though, it was something I felt nervous for. It was a definite test to our relationship, and it was important to me that we could go a week without driving each other crazy.

I’m really happy that by the end of the week, we were not sick of each other – at all. We were actually really sad to say goodbye. But for sure, being with your significant other can test a girls’ patience and sometimes sanity. If you’re going to be spending extended time with your boyfriend soon, here is to how to make it as fun as possible for both of you:

  1. Have fun! – you are with this person probably because you have fun with them. Relax and do whatever you guys want to do and whatever will facilitate a good time.
  2. Be patient – part of being in a relationship, whether you’re near or far, is learning to be patient with the other one. Remember that you’re not the only one who’s patience is tested. His is probably tested by you, at times, too! Have the patience with him that you would want in return if he starts to get on your nerves.
  3. Do things apart – even though you may be on a vacation together, it doesn’t mean you have to spend every single second attached at the hip. It’s normal to want to do your own thing, at times. Let him play golf while you lounge by the pool, or something like that. It’s okay and healthy to have different interests and both of you should be able to enjoy them on vacation.
  4. Compromise! – there will definitely be times during vacation where you both are after different things. Like many other times during your relationship, you have to compromise! Do what you can to appease both of you at the same time and you will both be happy.
  5. Be understanding – during our vacation, my boyfriend really wanted to watch a few basketball games. He’s really into sports and I understand that about him. Therefore, when he wanted to do that instead of going to the beach or something else, I didn’t let it get to me. I understood that that was important to him and didn’t mind it happening, just as he would do the same for me. Being understanding during situations like this will help make both of you happy and show how much you want your boyfriend to have a great vaca.


It’s fun to go on vacations with your boyfriend! This was my first one with mine and it was really great. As long as you are considerate of one another, I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Always realize that the most important thing is simply being together and enjoying your time with one another.

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