Baking Bonanza: Lemon Squares

Last weekend, I felt like baking something citrusy. I don’t really like that kind of stuff, but my dad and my grammy do, so I decided to make it for them.

I have made lemon squares many times before but decided to try a new recipe this time. I find lemon squares really easy to make and they always seem to come out pretty well. The trickiest part, for me, is figuring out how long to bake them.

So, like I said, I used a new recipe. It came out really well (my dad and grammy both seemed to think at least! And my mom too!). This recipe made the squares have a much more intense lemon taste, which everyone seemed to like. You can make them as lemony as you want, you just have to adjust the amount of lemon juice.

I used fresh lemon juice, and like I said, it was easy! I didn’t even use our big mixer for this treat!! Here’s a peek at them in the process as well as the end result:




What are your favorite citrus recipes?!


4 thoughts on “Baking Bonanza: Lemon Squares

    • I am constantly making lemon squares. I make and then put in the freezer and keep until I need a sweet for an event or to give to someone.

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