Something Striped

The weather should be warming up soon and I can’t wait to slip into spring time clothing!

One of the biggest all-time trends to wear is stripes. Although at times they can be unflattering, if you wear them right, they look pristine!

Here are some awesome striped products for spring:


Loft Cardigan | J.Crew Factory Clutch | C. Wonder Golden Striped Glass | Wavesong Bangle Striped Tee | Legacy Weekend Tote | Printed Flare Dress | Striped Tennie Sock | Bow Bikini | Embroidered Shirt

Which is your favorite?! I love the Coach Weekend Legacy Tote! Usually I’m not a fan of the bags with the C’s all over it, but this one caught my eye!

Tell me your favorite striped products!


One thought on “Something Striped

  1. I love, love, love stripes, especially French sailor blue and white. I always say “striped” as two syllables…like stri-ped. My husband makes fun of me! Are my family and I the only ones to pronounce it what way? ❤

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