Words of the Week: Each Moment

Last week I was in Florida and felt so relaxed and as worry free as I could possibly be (and for me, that’s saying a lot). Usually I have so much stress and anxiety over silly things, but during my vacation I was able to sit back and actually enjoy what was going on around me, what I was doing and the people I was with.

I feel as though over the past year and a half I’ve spent so much of my time rushing around. Rushing to finish that paper. Rushing to be ahead of all the work I need to do. Rushing from her to there on errands around town when I’m home. Rushing to meetings and constantly rushing to please everyone and do everything. It is seldom that I sit back and enjoy the moment that I’m in and much more likely that I’m in a rush. 


My sister always makes fun of me when I rush before I leave the house. She says I get frantic running up and down the stairs because I forget everything. When I rush through life, it is kind of like that. Although I don’t seem constantly frantic and frazzled, I find myself forgetting to be appreciative of the moment I’m in. Forgetting to be happy and actively aware of how great that moment I’m in can be, because I’m way too busy thinking of what I’m going to do the next moment, and the one after that, and so on.

After having such a great vacation and truly realizing how important it is to value the moments and be present to them, I feel as though I need to prioritize doing that more often. I know I can’t change the way I live with a snap of my fingers, but I need to take more time to enjoy the little moments of my life and stop worrying about things ahead.

I can do this in so many ways, and so can you. Try to enjoy each moment by:

Disconnecting from the virtual world

Reading a good book

Spending time with a friend

Taking a walk (preferably on the beach)

Calling someone you love

Painting your nails

…the list goes on and on

Make this moment count before it gets away from you!


One thought on “Words of the Week: Each Moment

  1. This resonates with me. Living in the moment is an amazing trait to have, which you can (I certainly continue to) learn.
    Having recently been away myself, arrived back home this time last week, my friends are all like, “No-o-o-o way! That’s so cool! How did you do it?” By living in the moment and rediscovering it’s the simplest things that life has to offer, like fabulous friendship, new romances, true love, truth, happiness and ROTFWL ’til your tummy hurts (in a good way!) the list goes on…….. We all have a built-in happiness-now button, go on, push it real good! I did 🙂

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