Back in the Swing of Things

Now that Spring Break is officially over (wah) I really need to get back into my normal routine.

I am someone that thrives on a normal routine, although I do try to mix it up sometimes because I don’t want to be too…pre-planned. Being too reliant on a routine is definitely not healthy, so I find it’s best to have a balance.


Anyways, getting back on normal schedule can be a struggle, especially after a vacation or time off. Here are some of the best ways to go back on a routine, quickly!

  1. Write it down – write down your exact schedule, hour by hour (literally!) the night before you are going back to a normal routine. Doing this can help you keep on track as best you can. Don’t worry if you don’t follow the plan exactly, but use the written list as a guide to hit all the key things you need to do.
  2. Clear your head – the night before returning to a normal schedule, make sure you clear your mind completely. Read a book, take a bubble bath – do whatever you need to do to ensure you have a clear head and are ready to get back to work the next day.
  3. Include fun time – in your routine, be sure to include things you’re really looking forward to. I know in mine, I read every night before bed, no matter what. I really look forward to that time, since I love to read for fun. This will give you motivation to trudge through, knowing you have something to look forward to.
  4. Don’t over-schedule – especially when you’re easing back into the swing of things, you don’t want to over-plan for yourself. Make your routine as basic and simple as you can to avoid becoming overwhelmed, especially when you’re just getting back into it.
  5. Mix it up – maybe you won’t want to return to your old routine pre-vacation, and if will be exciting and fun to start something different! Mix up your regular schedule and add something new in or change the timing around. It could be invigorating!

What are your best ways to dive back into your routine after a break? What motivates you to get going again?


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