Preppy Product: Jacks

As the warmer weather draws nearer (I hope!), I’m beginning to get excited to wear all my summer clothes. After being away, I especially am ready to ditch the jeans and long sleeves for sundresses and shorts. And, of course, my Jack Rogers.

Jacks have become a staple of any preppy girl’s summer wardrobe, and with good reason. These are the cutest and most versatile sandals a girl could want!

I have several pairs of Jacks and see many more in my future. They match with everything and are the perfect “in between” of casual and dressy. I wear mine when I’m out running errands, headed to the pool, or out to lunch, but I also would wear them to graduation, out to dinner, or to a party. They are the perfect “go anywhere” sandal!

There are so many colors and styles to choose from on their site. My favorite ones are the classic white because they go with mostly everything, but my navy blue ones are also amazing (I love navy blue and white!!). Lately I’m really pining for the glitter Jacks (which is weird for me!) but there are just so many awesome choices!

Which are your favorite?!


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